In the past I have discussed Direct Currents, which was this neat little pamphlet that comic shops carried to highlight upcoming releases and serve as a checklist for the DC books coming out that month.  Recently I discovered that Direct Currents an ancestor called Releases.  Where Direct Currents was full color and eventually filled with cover images and even became a flip book at one point to differentiate between the regular DC books and the Vertigo line Releases was more like an old styled newsletter.  They seem to be hard to come by, at least as far as eBay searches go but I did manage to find some recently and in that eBay lot I found this.

Releases 1987-01 A Releases 1987-01 BI really want to find more issues of Releases.  Lone Star Comics has some but I am more interested in the month that Man of Steel came out.  If anyone has a line on those or can send me scans I would appreciate it.

It’s cool that they referred to the January 1987 cover dated books as “Superman Month”.  This was slightly before my time as a collector so I missed out on this sort of thing.  It is great to be able to go back and find these artifacts.

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