I was getting ready for work today and had one of the local A.M. stations on because I dig on talk radio even if I don’t agree with most of what the host has to say.  I will listen to Top 40 radio occasionally, but I much prefer the talk format and I find that hearing opinions I don’t agree with tends to firm up my own thoughts on a particular subject.

One of the larger A.M. stations here in Atlanta is WSB 750, home of Neal Bortz, Clark Howard and, God help us all, Sean Hannity.  It is also home to the University of Georgia Bulldogs in all it’s  forms but mostly in football, so there’s a lot of programming having to do with the Dogs, especially during college football season when Larry Munson is calling the games. 

WSB is able to air a tribute to Vince Dooley, head coach of the Bulldogs for twenty-seven years and as I was shaving they ran a commercial for it.  Usually I block out such things because, well I’m shaving and despite the fact that I am not using a straight razor I like to pay attention when I have a sharp object scraping hair off of my throat.  The reception in the bathroom is rather poor for some reason but despite that handicap I noticed that there was a college football band playing something under the commercial.  I stopped and listened because it sounded very, very familiar.

It was John William’s Krypton theme from the various Superman films.

I was taken aback.  I like football as a sport but have never paid much attention to it as I was too busy with my head in a comic book.  Football, college or otherwise, has never really been my bag and here was a theme that I have been hearing nearly all of my life being associated with a college football coach.

It was just…weird.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, though.  My buddy Big Honkin’ Steve over at Geek Out Online (home of the Geek Out Loud podcast, which all right thinking people should listen to)  mentioned once that they play the Superman theme at the games every once in a while.

Still.  Very strange.  Somebody put their chocolate in my peanut butter and while it’s cool it is also rather odd.

Oh well, life goes on.

More to follow…

One thought on “DID I HEAR THAT RIGHT?”

  1. Actually, the band plays the Krypton Fanfare during the pregame, and going into the fourth quarter. It’s probably one of the most awesome things in college sports.

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