Direct Currents 1997 A In 1997 (I would love to tell you exactly when but my memory is not that good) DC put out a one shot edition of Direct Currents to promote the books coming out that year.  As the cover above suggests it was a freebie and I remember devouring the thing when I found it at Titan Games and Comics the week it came out.  I loved and continue to love this sort of thing.  Anyway, several of the pages were devoted to the Superman and Superman related titles.  It was an interesting time for the Man of Steel.  Superboy, Steel, Supergirl and Superboy and the Ravers made up the “Superman Family” titles while there were four monthly Superman books (Superman, Adventures of Superman, Action Comics and Superman: The Man of Steel) and one quarterly book (Superman: The Man of Tomorrow).  It was also around the time that Superman’s powers and costume were completely revamped, which was somewhat controversial at the time and is not remembered fondly today.

By most people.

I am rather fond of it myself.

Say what you will about the Electric Blue era…it made the national news and got people talking.  I used to be rather down on it myself but given some of the eras and events that have come since then it looks pretty good by comparison.

Or I could be looking back with rose colored glasses.  We’ll see what we’ll see when Jeffrey and I get to that era on From Crisis to Crisis.  Until then enjoy the scans.

Direct Currents 1997 B

Direct Currents 1997 C Direct Currents 1997 D Direct Currents 1997 E

2 thoughts on “DIRECT CURRENTS 1997 PREVIEW”

  1. Long story short – fantastic costume design by Ron Frenz and half baked (so say the least)
    story surrounding it.

    Even the creators didn’t really know the origins or exact powers of this “new” Superman.

    If the writing would have been on par (with what I’d expected from the creative teams),
    it could have worked.

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