This is it, folks!  The waiting is over.  Doomsday is finally here.

For those of you that may not know I co-host (along with my friend Jeffrey Taylor) a weekly Internet radio show called From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast in association with the Superman Homepage and the Superman Podcast Network.  The mission statement for the show is pretty simple; we are going to cover every Superman book published between Man of Steel #1 from 1986 to Adventures of Superman #649 in 2006.  We’ve been at it for about two and half years now and the time has finally come for us to cover the epic Death and Return of Superman storyline.

This is a big deal for us.  Jeffrey was introduced to the Superman titles thanks to Roger Stern’s The Death and Life of Superman novelization.  For me Doomsday and the stories that followed it were the culmination of five years of faithfully following the Superman line of books.  For the first time as a comic book collector I felt like I was part of something…epic.  The memories I have of buying and reading those issues are as clear to me today as they were in 1992 and 1993.

Because of those memories and how much this story means to me the Fortress is going to change once again, this time into a Death and Return of Superman blog.  I have spent the last week or so scanning a whole bunch of images related to Superman’s death and resurrection as well as finding some neat videos on YouTube.  So I wanted to share these with you as Jeffrey and I cover the event on the show.  I have some other ideas in mind as well but I will announce those as they happen.

So come back tomorrow and then every day, Monday through Friday, for a new post about the Death and Return of Superman.  Also, if you could, like this page on Facebook as I am trying to drive those numbers up.  And be sure to share these posts on Facebook as well!

More to follow…

One thought on “DOOMSDAY IS HERE!”

  1. Guys I have been a faithful listener since episode 1 and this is HUGE. I’d been collecting Superman comics since 1974 and first read in the newspaper that someone named Doomsday was going to KILL Superman. And I will never forget, after funeral for a friend, in the “next issue” boxes in the comics, there were little lines that said something like, “There are no details for Action Comics 456 at this time.” After the death and funeral the books went on hiatus for a few months. People forget that — DC REALLY milked the event and it was all kinds of AWESOME. Cannot wait for your coverage. One suggestion — cover Stern’s hardcover as a seperate epsiode; might be too confusing otherwise?

    LOVE THE PODCAST — you guys rock.

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