As you may have noticed there isn’t a new From Crisis to Crisis this week.  I would like to apologize for this.  We should have planned things better but Jeff and I are both going to be out of town this week and getting ready for that sucked up our free time.  Jeffrey and his wife are attending a function in his wife’s honor.  As for me, well we’re coming up on Labor Day weekend which means that not only is summer winding down but that DragonCon is coming to Atlanta.  Rachel (my wife, for those that don’t know) and I have been going to the con for nearly ten years straight now and always look forward to getting out of the house, seeing friends, buying things we normally wouldn’t be able to find, going to panels and generally have a fantastic time.  This year we both really need this vacation what with Rachel’s accident and work and all that.

Because DragonCon is such a huge event I tend to pick a theme each year to focus on.  Last year I was on a serious Batman kick so the Dark Knight was the focus.  This year I have picked Superman considering it is the big guy’s 75th birthday and all.  So while I plan to take a good number of pictures I am going to stick mainly to the Superman and Superman related cosplayers like this awesome Steel costume from a few years ago.DragonCon-2010-15Seriously…this costume was bad ass.

I will admit that I am a bit disappointed that there isn’t more Superman related panels this year.  Sure there are some Smallville related events and panels but I get the sense that has more to do with the fact that John Glover, Allison Mack and Laura Vandervoort are all in attendance as guests this year.  Unless I have just completely missed it there isn’t a single Superman panel on the Comics and Pop Art track, which puzzles me.  Maybe there aren’t enough comic professionals associated with Superman at the con this year.  The Comics track tends to build its programming around the guests available but surely they could have cobbled something together to commemorate Superman’s 75th year.

Oh well…life goes on.  I plan on having fun regardless.  It will be good to be among my people and all that.  DragonCon is a very fan driven convention and has a real down to Earth feeling to it.  Sure it’s me and forty thousand of my closest friends all crammed into five hotels but for a few days we are all having a good time and reveling in our fandoms.  I am sure I’ll be posting pictures over the next few days.  Until then take care and FCTC will return next week.

2 thoughts on “DRAGONCON 2013”

  1. Holy S***! You have 40,000 close friends?!

    Haha, have fun man. Given what you have had to give up and endure this year, you deserve to let off some steam and let your geek flag fly.

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