The Fortress of Baileytude Podcasting Network 2018 Holiday Spectacular Finale

Happy Holidays, one and all, and welcome to the seventh and final day of The Fortress of Baileytude Podcasting Network 2018 Holiday Spectacular!  DC Comics recently published a 100 page comic titled World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Holiday Special through their distribution deal with Wal-Mart.  I liked the cut of the comic’s jib and thought it might be fun to get together with a few friends to discuss the seven stories inside.  The Irredeemable Shag, one of the co-founders of The Fire and Water Podcast Network, invited me to their giant new headquarters, called The Bunker, and so Eliza(my assistant from Views From The Longbox) and I hopped into the car and headed north.

No, Andy, it wasn’t to ski.

For this final installment of The Fortress of Baileytude Podcasting Network 2018 Holiday Spectacular I am once again joined by Alan and Em Middleton to talk about the Green Lanterns story that closed out the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Holiday Special.  This story takes place during The Feast of the Epiphany (or Twelfth Night, as it is also known) and deals with Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, two of the Green Lanterns in Sector 2814, leaving the Three Kings celebration at the home of Jessica’s family to deal with an alien incursion.  The aliens (there are three of them) bring a test and if the Lanterns pass the test they will given a great gift.  Simon and Jessica accept and face the challenges given to them.  Alan, Em and I talk about who these Green Lanterns are, the continuity of the Feast of the Three Kings, and more.

As this is the final installment of this series there is no next time to discuss, so I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone that helped to make this Spectacular possible by telling you where you can find them if you weren’t familiar with their shows.  I am assuming that you already are familiar with them but just in case you weren’t aware of  the amazing shows these people host here they are.

Also a big thank you to Shag for buying me the copy of World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Holiday Special when the local Walmart didn’t get it until a week after Shag and I recorded his segments.

I hope everyone enjoyed these episodes.  They were a lot of fun to put together and no matter what you celebrate I hope your holiday season is filled with warmth and/0r family and/or love and/or whatever else makes you happy.

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