Episode 55: April 1990

Welcome to the fifty-fifth episode of From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast! This podcast has a simple premise; examine just about every Superman comic published between Man of Steel #1 in 1986 to Adventures of Superman #649 in 2006 in an informative and hopefully entertaining format.

Part index. Part commentary. Part history lesson. All podcast.

DAY OF THE KRYPTON MAN concludes this week and Mike and Jeff are fifteen different types of excited to talk about it. In Superman #42 the Man of Steel becomes the Man From Krypton as Kal-El/Draaga Round 2 begins and you get to hear Jeff and Mike sing a classic theme song! The fight continues in Adventures of Superman #465 with the world watching as Kal-El prepares to grant Draaga’s Death Rite! It all concludes in Action Comics #652 as Kal-El takes Jonathan and Martha Kent to the Fortress of Solitude and battles the entity ultimately responsible for his recent behavior. Finally the boys take a look at Superboy: The Comic Book #3 as a famed comedian kidnaps a famed historical figure. The only problem; Lana Lang is kidnapped as well! Plus there is the usual Elsewhere in the DCU and Elsewhere in the Real World features plus e-mails!

And remember…YOU!

Next week: The fate of Jimmy’s mother! Four fantastic astronauts are caught in the world’s strangest accident! Amanda McCoy confronts Clark Kent! Come back same super time, same super website.

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If you want to comment on the show or contact the hosts you can always private message Mike and Jeff, at the Superman Homepage, leave comments here or at the Homepage or here or email them by clicking this link. All questions, concerns, fears, trepidations and cheap shots are welcome. The guys will try to incorporate e-mails into the episodes once the show gets rolling.

Seriously, let us know what you think.


  1. Hi Jeffrey and Michael,

    Another great podcast with episode #55.

    Some things in no particular order…

    The pop culture, movie and TV knowledge the two of you (excuse me, YOU!!!!) possess continues to astound and terrify me!

    I corrected the “Hank Henshaw” entry on Wikipedia, okay? Stop your whining, Emil! Hey, that would be a great catchphrase for the podcast. Lana whines about Clark, Jimmy whines about anything, and you say, “Stop your whining, Emil!”

    Metropolis is in Rhode Island? Is that still canon? I thought these days Metropolis is in the state of “New Troy,” or something?

    HILARIOUS line: “Adam Grant? Somebody should just murder that kid.” Guys, I lost my Marshmallow ruffles over that one.

    Hilarious moment part two: When you mentioned Staler’s snoring, it was suddenly very audible, and felt like you were talking and Jeffrey was snoring. But again, I’m sure THAT never happened.

    Why does Jeffrey’s “Voice of the Eradicator” sound like the HAL 9000?

    Thanks, by the way, for keeping the policy about keeping “future events” spoiler free. By reviewing them as if you don’t know what happens next (as if they just came out) it makes the reviews so much richer. The podcast is better for it.

    Also I like the reviews of the ads, letters, etc. One critique, the review of real world events seem to be going on and on and on… Now, I know Michael would never tell Jeffrey to talk less, but maybe the real world events could be shortened a bit.

    Thanks, guys!

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