Welcome to Getting My Fix, a weekly feature here at the Fortress where I, like many other comic book bloggers, tell you what I bought this week.

I mean everyone else does it so why shouldn’t I?

We’ll start with the comics I bought for me.

Now that is one amazing cover.

I have not read this latest issue of Supergirl yet but I am looking forward to it.  I don’t think I am alone in thinking that this title has had some serious problems over it’s nearly three year publication history and this is where things might really turn around.  Not that I disliked the last few issues, but with everything I have read about this new direction I have high hopes.

Especially with New Krypton coming up.

They’re bringing back the Triangle Numbering System.  The fifteen year old fanboy living inside me is very, very happy.

I’ll be reviewing this issue for the Superman Homepage, which should go up on Monday if everything goes well.  This title has been hit and miss to me lately and for the most part I do not blame McDuffie.  I blame the powers that be that kept making Justice League of America the place to go to cross over with whatever story DC wanted to pimp that month[1. Oddly enough I have no problem with Justice League of America being the jump off point for bringing the Milestone characters into the DCU proper, mostly because of McDuffie’s history with that line of comics and mostly because it is AWESOME!].  Having said that I don’t know if the whole thing with Vixen and Animal Man is the story I would use to mark an anniversary issue.

Then again that upcoming Vixen mini-series isn’t going to advertise itself.

I also purchased Trinity numbers 17 and 18 this week.  Because of money issues I have had to leave some books behind in the past few weeks and sadly Trinity is one of those comics.  I mentioned this a few weeks ago but I have really grown to like this book, though I do wait four weeks or so because reading it that way is more enjoyable to me than reading it on a weekly basis.  I don’t really know why.  It’s just one of those things.

In addition to those comics I also picked up the latest issue of Back Issue

I have been a fan of this magazine from the moment it was announced.  That’s how sure I was that I was going to like it.  While I can’t say that every single article appeals to me this periodical explores an era of comics that I particularly enjoy; the Bronze Age.  This issue is jam packed with all kind of neat things as the subject is Saturday Morning Heroes with articles on the Shazam comic book and television series from the seventies, the Super Friends, the proposed but never released fourth wave of Super Powers[2. My all time FAVORITE super hero action figure line.] action figure line, a tribute to the late Dave Stevens by Adam Hughes, a Dave Stevens gallery and an editorial by Marv Wolfman about his involvement with the 1988 Ruby Spears Adventures of Superman animated series[3. Which really needs to be released on DVD and I mean like yesterday.]. 

It also has a plug for my podcast, Views From The Longbox.  Back in June I interviewed Michael Eury while at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Ill and he was nice enough to mention it in the letters section of this issue.

Which.  Was.  Awesome.

I did buy three other books this week, but they weren’t for me.  They were for my wife[4. The lovely and endlessly understanding Rachel.].  She is by no means a comic book fan, but back in 2002 I bought her the first issue of Fables and she has been hooked ever since.  She picked up Jack of Fables when it started coming out, so both of those were purchased this week, which I felt bad about but I didn’t have the cash to do so last week.  I also picked up the first issue of the new Anita Blake series from Marvel.

While my wife isn’t much of a comic fan she loves the Anita Blake novels and everything else Laurell K. Hamilton writes.  She wasn’t much on the art of the first series, but this is one of those “must buys” when it comes out. 

Anything to make her happy.  She puts up with enough in her life.

So that’s it for this week.  Not a whole heck of a lot of reading to do, but some, especially since I have some catching up to do from previous weeks.  For now, though, the cravings have been satisfied.

Until next week.

More to follow…

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