As a rule I try to only post house ads that I have scanned myself from my own collection.  There have been times in the past that I have poached images from Google Search for a post but for the most part I think it is more personal to scan the stuff I have.  It’s kind of the point of this blog.  There are plenty of Superman sites out there, most importantly the Superman Homepage, that cover the day to day news, reviews, rumors and reports about the Man of Steel but I wanted to showcase my love for the character and to post the stuff that I like about him and would want to see and read about.

Scanning stuff that’s mine can present some problems like when the source material I am scanning isn’t in the best of condition.  Recently I read through my thoroughly whipped copy of Superman (Vol. 1) #233 and stumbled across this ad.

Ad- Superman in 1971 1B Several people posted this ad around the beginning of the year (2013 for you future people) and I remember seeing those posts, remembering how much I loved this ad and thinking, “Hey, I’d love to post that over at the Fortress.” So when I came upon it in my reading my first thought was, “Awesome!  I can finally put that up on the site!” which led to my second thought which was, “Holy crap, this book is in bad shape, I hope it will survive the process.”  It did or I guess I should say it was in as bad a shape after the scanning as it was before.  The only problem was there is a second part to this ad and try as I might the scan I made from my copy of Superman #233 just didn’t look all that good.  No amount of creative cropping and adjusting made it look like something I would want to post here.

Luckily I also had a copy of Action Comics (Vol. 1) #396, which also contained this ad and that book was in much better shape so I was able to not only scan the second page but get a better scan of the first.

Ad- Superman in 1971 1A Ad- Superman in 1971 2 I don’t know why the coloring on the first version of the ad looks different from the second but I was glad to be able to find another version that looked a bit better than the first.  Call it whatever you want…me wanting to be a perfectionist, me having high standards, me having some sort of OCD meltdown…whatever the reason (probably all of them) I was happy to have two relatively clean scans to post.

Then, while grabbing some comics from the collection I realized I had a copy of the Superman #233 Millennium Edition.  For those that don’t know or don’t remember DC spent like two years putting out reprints of their most historic books around the start of the 2000’s to mark the fact that we were moving into a new century and millennium.  Superman got a bunch of these, including the previously mentioned Superman #233 and I pulled it out to read through and remind myself how this reprint looked.  Imagine my surprise and sheer delight that not only did they reprint both stories from the issue but the two page ad as well.

Ad- Superman in 1971 Clean 1 Ad- Superman in 1971 Clean 2So there you have it…three different scans of one ad and two different scans of another to compare and contrast and feed into my need to be a completist!

In all seriousness while the first part of the ad is awesome the second part is what makes it so special.  The Superman books were going through their first major revamp in late 1970 and to see that DC was promoting that revamp makes me smile.  It would have been easy enough to say, “Hey, there are big changes going on with Superman!” but to go through a short history of the character and then highlight all of the different Superman related titles and give a short blurb on what was happening in those books is just neat and a good example of cross promotion.

For the record the main story in Superman #233 is one of my all time favorite Superman stories.  It was one of the first Superman comics I read (in the pages of Superman: From the ’30s to the ’70s) and in terms of writing and art it is just awesome.

Also for the record it was nice to find a Superman House Ad that was from before 1987.  I love the ads I have scanned but at the same time I really need to hunt down some ads from the seventies and early eighties as well for the sake of variety.

Finally, I REALLY need to track down a new copy of Superman #233.

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