So I am doing some surfing…

Wait.  I have a question.

Does anyone call it “surfing the web anymore”?  Seriously.  Is that an archaic term these days?

I’m just curious.

In any case, I was poking around on some of the hype sites despite trying not to do that so as much these days for my own sanity and because I have been so freaking busy.  Over at Comic Book Resources they had a five page preview of Adventure Comics #1.  In the spirit of full disclosure I am looking forward to Adventure Comics #1 like you wouldn’t believe.  I have followed Conner Kent since he first appeared and I like the character quite a bit.  Also I am kind of jazzed that Superman is getting his “family of titles” back.  August can’t come fast enough for me.

So I’m checking out the five page preview and then I get to this page.


Uh…is that Superboy…like the old school, adventures of Superman when he was a boy Superboy at the top of this page?

When I saw the previous page with Superboy flying with the Legion I was of the opinion that when Clark traveled to the future he put on the costume but while in Smallville he was just, for lack of a better term because the term does suck, a red blue blur.  Here we see a young kid in a Superman…well, Superboy costume saving the day.

Maybe Superman: Secret Origin is going to have some genuine surprises.

For the record I have no problem if they bring back Superman growing up as Superboy.  As much as I like a Clark Kent that put on the costume for the first time as an adult (heck, I co-host a podcast about it called From Crisis to Crisis) Superman as a character is versatile enough that changes like this can be made.  I may not connect to it on a deep and emotional not to mention nostalgic level but if done right it can be kind of cool.

More to follow…

2 thoughts on “IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?”

  1. i have no idea what a superboy is but i’m happy that you are happy, hay mike is it strange that i can count on my hands and feet the amount of superman comics i’ve read but yet i still love From Crisis to Crisis?

  2. Given the Silver/Bronze Age bent of the current Super-titles (Nightwing & Flamebird, Kandor, Superboy/man in the Legion, the list goes on), I’d be surprised if Johns & Co. *didn’t* reintroduce Clark-as-Superboy, at least in a limited way, to the “present” of his teen years. I, for one, am looking forward to it — and whatever additional changes SM: S. Origin brings. Above all, like Michael, I’m pleased and gratified that there is again a Superman Family of titles. It’s been a long time in coming.

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