Episode 19 – The Superman Podcast Network Reunion

And lo there came a day…a day unlike any other…when a bunch of Superman Podcasts banded together from remote galaxies (okay…remote cities in America) to form The Superman Podcast Network.

That was ten years ago and while the Network is no longer a thing, I thought it might be fun to get the founders together and discuss how the Network came to be, how we all started our podcasts, and about Superman and what he means to us now.  Joining me are…

We had a lot of fun getting together, and I want to thank the guys for taking time out of their lives to join me for this conversation.

Next Time: I’m not sure, but I have some plans for later in the year)


  1. This was a tremendously fun episode. I’m a longtime fan of the podcasts that all of you gentlemen have produced over the years, and listening to this was like sitting at the next table eavesdropping on a group of friends hanging out and talking about a topic they all have an enthusiasm for, and it’s a topic I also have an enthusiasm for. Your affection for Superman, in his various eras and incarnations, as well as your mutual regard for each other, is obvious and heartwarming. I found myself nodding when you discussed the sometimes fractured and argumentative Superman fandom, and it seemed that each of you, in one way or another, has reached some sort of accomodation along the lines of “Everyone should get to enjoy what they like, even if it’s not what I like, and wouldn’t it be nice if folks didn’t flame each other for having opinions?” I must confess that I’ve been the angry fan with the chip on his shoulder at times (I think I’ve commented to Michael Bailey that there was I time I would almost spit on the ground at the mention of John Byrne’s name.), but, as I’ve aged, I’ve mellowed, coming to the position of live and let live, even when I disagree.
    I really enjoyed the question-and-answer back-and-forth among you, and, as I posted on Facebook, if I could respond to all of you on the question of “What would you, as your present self, tell your beginning-podcaster self?” I would say to your past and your present selves, “Be kind and forgiving to yourselves.” As a longtime podcast listener, I don’t worry much about background noise, technical glitches, or editing “mistakes”. I’m not saying production value and technical proficiency don’t matter, but they pale in comparison to content and attitude. What comes through for me as a listener, from each of you, is strong knowledge and great enthusiasm about something you love, and THAT will always bring me back for more. Thank you all for delivering that for years.

  2. i love this episode, It like meeting the OG’s of the Superman Podcast world. I had so much fun listing to it while walking. Twitter Handle @Oliver_1212. Have a Great Day.

  3. Thanks for a great podcast that brought back a lot of good memories listening to all of you talking about Superman. I really enjoyed the discussion.

    I also appreciate being able to find and listen to Jon Wilson’s Golden Age Superman podcast. That’s the first comic book podcast I ever discovered, and I’ve been wanting to listen again but could not find them, so thanks for the link.

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