IACBTS Episode 4: Halloween 2017

I should probably write, “Halloween 2017” because we’re a few weeks out from Halloween but I wanted to get this episode out because I had co-hosts and making them wait a year seemed unfair.

Anyway, this time out I am celebrating Halloween by looking at a handful of monster related Superman books with some friends of mine from the Superman podcasting community.  First up is a story from Superman #143 from December of 1960 (cover date February 1961) titled Bizarro Meets Frankenstein where…Bizarro meets Frankenstein.  More accurately Bizarro meets an actor playing Frankenstein’s Monster and I was honored to have Bob Fisher (of Superman Forever Radio fame) stops by to help me go over this story.  We talk about what happens when Bizarro gets jealous that the media is saying Frankenstein is the scariest thing ever, Bizarro as a character and the Silver Age in general.  After a quick break Michael Bradley (of The Thrilling Adventures of Superman and Superman and Batman fame) joins me to talk about Superman & Batman vs Vampires & Werewolves.  This was a 2008 mini-series that I had…mixed feelings on but Michael and I had a fun talking about the story and the differences between Superman and Batman in how they deal with the super natural.  After that I go through your feedback and tease some upcoming projects.

During the show I mentioned Billy Hogan’s excellent show The Superman Fan Podcast.  Be sure to click on the link and check it out.

Next Time: Come back on the 23rd for a special episode celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Death of Superman and then right around the end of the month I’ll be joined by Rob Kelly to talk about Superman’s place in the Justice League of America!


  1. I loved hearing you talk with Bob Fisher. I have heard him before as a guest on other podcast, and now I must remember to tune in his own podcast! I liked how you two discussed the sheer volume of story-telling that was necessary in the Mort Weisinger stable. They cranked out a LOT of material every month. My first exposure to Bizarro was in Superman #305. Here he was not a comedy figure, but a fearsome one. Not long after that I acquired Superman; From the Thirties to the Seventies, and learned of the Bizarro milieu. I know that Bizarro was in other stories in the late 70s and through the 80s, but none of them are memorable to me. I think they should have left him on Bizarro world.
    Your other story review did not pique my interest. I couldn’t even follow the plot! Also, I have a very low tolerance for the art of Tom Mandrake.
    Wasn’t there a World’s Finest story, during its Dollar Comic run, where Superman became a vampire? If so, I expect that it was a Bob Haney story!
    I neglected to respond last month to your Supergirl show show. I have not watched this program beyond a few minutes here and there, but I loved heariong your enthusiasm as you watched it! I’m sort of a vicarious fan now!
    I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes, especially when you and Rob talk about Superman in the JLA! Do what you can to convince me on The Death of Superman. I’ve never read it, nor have I had the desire to read it.

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