It All Comes Back To Superman Presents…A Tribute to George Perez

On May 6, 2022, artist and writer George Perez passed away due to complications from pancreatic cancer. To say that Perez was a force of nature in comics is a massive understatement. He wrote and drew some of the best comics published during the last fifty years while also being one of the nicest people on the face of the planet. To celebrate his life I got together with my good friend Andrew Leyland to talk about the man, and the times we met him over the years. We also talk about two Superman stories that George drew, DC Comics Presents #61 and Action Comics #644. Along the way Andy and I discuss the evolution of Perez’ take on Superman, which you can find examples of below.

Below are the covers and select pages from the two comics Andy and I discussed during the episode.

And here are select panels showing some of my favorite Superman art by Perez.

Trailers Played In This Episode Include…

The opening and closing theme to this episode was titled Hero Down. Other music in the episode includes Industrial Cinematic, Take a Chance, and Interloper. All of the music is by Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. This was a fun episode to listen to. While the post-Crisis era is not my favorite, there really are some very good stories from those days, and certainly George Perez’ art is excellent. I alway enjoy the conversation between you two gentlemen, because it’s like eavesdropping on two friends chatting about something they both really love, and that often intersectw with something I love, too. Thank you for that, as always.

  2. Loved this episode! It was a fitting love letter to the artist that meant so much to our generation. I was stunned by Andy’s story of the con in London and no line up for George. He was at the Niagara Falls (Canada) con twice, the last time in June 2019, which was the same ‘retirement’ tour. The line up every day had to be strictly managed, or it would have taken over the con as it did when he was there a few years before. Basically it worked like this, everyone that showed up was given a ticket with a 1/2 hour time frame. I think there may have been 25 tickets per grouping. Then when your time slot came up you lined up and got to meet George. I don’t think the line up ever stopped except when he took a break, and there were not that many. I hope you put that picture of George in the homemade WW hoodie you mentioned. The sense I got the few times I saw him is that he was not only a fan himself, but a fan of the fans, and got an especially huge kick out of anything he could see that someone made themselves. Thanks again for a great tribute episode!

  3. Such a great episode and a perfect love letter to a great artist. I just finished up my read through of Crisis so I loved having his art fresh in my mind as I listened to this episode. I’m also about to start reading through all of Matrix Supergirl’s appearances so I’ll be getting to Action 644 very soon, looking forward to more great Perez art.

  4. Thanks for a wonderful tributes chap. Andy sounded to be welling up as he spoke of meeting George Perez and he set me off. From everything I’ve heard, George was as sweet as he was talented.

    And goodness, was he talented! Like Andy, I first came across him in UK Marvel reprints, and by the time I saw his work in colour regularly, in the late Seventies, my gob was well and truly smacked. And he just got better and better.

    Excellent show, focussing on a couple of wonderful issues. So many terrific, thoughtful, beautifully executed pages. Even the DCCP cover, which doesn’t work for me as an image – the bisected main figure, with the Kirkby Krackled smoke, is tough to ‘read’, to me I’m looking at a Crisis-style tower – has impact.

    You both had some lovely insight and commentary on the DCCP, which is indeed fab.
    I bet Andy was listening back to this one muttering, ‘Ancestors, dammit, ancestors!’

    As regards Byrne’s team-up Action Comics and the idea that you can’t have the actual logos on the front because of, whatever, is hooey. The logos are part of the characters’ visual identity, and should be there. Look at the final issues of DCCP, when even Superman didn’t get his regular masthead, they looked all kinds of wrong.

    I didn’t realise the Teen Titans/X-Men team-up was little talked about, it was one of my absolute favourites, I don’t care about the size, it was just amazing!

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