After the first teaser trailer I had some serious reservations about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  After the second trailer I felt a little better about the movie.


Now I am flat out excited.

Seriously.  I got so much out of this final trailer.  Steve Younis and I will be discussing it on Tuesday during Radio KAL Live but I had to post something about it here because I am now fully on board with this film.  Lex is intriguing.  We got to see some actual Clark Kent.  We got to see some more Bruce Wayne.  The battle between Superman and Batman looks bad ass.  There are those weird flying creatures swarming around Batman in the desert.  It was all very exciting and I even laughed once or twice.

And then there was this.

151203-Trailer74(Image lovingly borrowed from the Superman Homepage.)

It’s Doomsday meets Frankenstein’s monster.


Simply perfect.

Plus you got to see these three characters together on a live action screen for the very first time.

151203-Trailer86(Again, image lovingly borrowed from the Superman Homepage.)

So much awesome packed into three minutes.

Seriously, March 26th cannot come fast enough.  It’s nice to be on board and officially excited.  These next few months are going to be hard to get through.  I am confident that the pay off will be worth the wait.

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