Last week I wrote a bit of business showcasing some of the international reprints that I have managed to collect over the years.  Surprisingly a couple of people that read this blog on a regular basis got in touch with me to either add to the conversation or correct an error I made.  Some people get bent out of shape when someone points out that they’ve screwed up but I like that sort of thing as long as it isn’t obnoxious.

We’ll deal with the correction first.  This is comment was written by Thomas from Denmark.

Just noticed this entry – and While the first issue is probably Hungarian the second numbered Nr. 43 the search is in fact a Danish issue -of Superman “jagten” the title means “the Hunt” .

Thanks for all the great podcasts at views and FCTC and of course this website – love this period!

First, thanks for the kind words about the various podcasts I produce.  It means a lot to me and to Jeff that people dig what we do.

Second, thanks for the heads up about the fact that the Superman Nr. 34 was a Danish reprint and not a Hungarian one.  I feel a little silly now, like I should have done more research but it led to this great comment so I can’t complain.

The next bit of feedback came in the form of an e-mail.  Norbert Zahui sent me the following.

My name is Norbert Zahui, a Hungarian Superman fan, regular visitor of the ‘Fortress’ and a longtime listener of your podcasts.

Imagine my surprise when I checked in yesterday night and saw the cover to one of my Superman books, as the first cover and page you posted are indeed from the third issue of the Hungarian Superman reprint series. (Update: I just saw on the Fortress that Thomas responded to the second reprint being from Denmark) 

As a matter of fact issue 2 of said reprint was my very first comic book. My Mom bought it when I was 6.

You were right about the the contents of the previous issues. Nr. 1 contained the entire first issue of the Man of Steel miniseries. For the first fifteen issues the book was 32 pages long and because there were no ads in these Hungarian reprints (neither in DC nor Marvel ones, just house ads on the interior and back covers) the Superman book consisted of one full issue and half of the next. Sometimes they made the ‘cliffhanger’ work, sometimes the story just stopped until next issue. Later they extended the page number to 50, so now the book had two full American issues. This solo Superman title lasted 18 issues (all covers attached, hope you don’t mind) It ended with the Legion story, issue 18 reprinting Action Comics #591 and Legion of Super-Heroes #38.

Starting from July ’92 Superman shared a book with Batman in a bimonthly series. This was a direct continuation, Superman & Batman #1 reprinting Action Comics #592. Even though I preferred the solo titles, there was something awesome about a book that was half Byrne/Ordway Superman and half Aparo/Breyfogle Batman, especially because from time to time they would include a couple of Who’s Who entries in the books.

Even though I have the 8 Man of Steel trades (I love the fact that DC included the pin-ups to Action #600 in the last volume) and the subsequent trades from this era, I still love these good old reprint issues. If nothing else, they still have the same printing/coloring errors the originals have. Some of them you guys mentioned on FCTC. One in particular from Superman #2 stuck with me for some reason.

On a side note: a couple of months ago I bought the original 1987 German edition of the Man of Steel mini in one 148 page, larger size trade. I thought I’d include scans of the front and back cover and a picture for size reference. It contains a one page introduction to this ‘new’ Superman and the six issues, no cover reprints.

I wish Man of Steel would get the absolute treatment, but I’d be glad if DC would continue publishing the Man of Steel trades past volume 8. I hope we don’t have to wait for the solo Man of Steel sequel to get volume 9.

I’ve rambled on long enough. Love the blog (especially the ‘Collected editions’ section with your comments on the trades). Love the podcasts. It’s always a treat whenever a new Views or FCTC episode comes up online. Thank you!

I’d like to thank Norbert for writing in and dropping this knowledge on me and now on you.  As I have written in the past I love hearing about how Superman was repackaged for an international audience.  As his e-mail indicated Norbert included some photos and I wanted to share them here because they give you an idea of the differences in size and formatting that the Hungarian and German reprints had.


I kind of want that German reprint now.

Thanks again to Norbert and Thomas for the feedback.  It was very much appreciated.

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