Every once in a while I like to post covers and such of Superman books as they are reprinted around the world.  Recently I found a two book lot on eBay that caught my eye and since they were on the inexpensive side I went ahead and bid on them.  To my surprise I won the auction and a week or so later they came in the mail.

German Superman 01I am working under the assumption that these are Hungarian reprints.  I could be wrong.  My feeble attempts at research (which boiled down to using Google’s translate feature and going from there) seem to indicate that these were put out in that part of the world in the early ’90s.  One of the things that always fascinates me about international editions of comics I am familiar with is to see how the books are packaged for a foreign audience.  This particular issue reprints the back half of Man of Steel #3 and all of Man of Steel #4 and given the number three is at the top of the cover I am working under the assumption that the first issue reprinted Man of Steel #1 and the second issue reprinted issue 2 and half of issue three.  That’s a bit weird but who am I to judge?

The paper stock is a bit cheap but I have to say that choosing this cover makes up for that.  It’s interesting that they took one part of the cover to issue four and blew that up to make the entire cover to this issue.

Man of Steel #04 If you were curious about what the interior of the comic looked like here’s a random page.

German Superman 02

Apparently the paper stock got a bit better down the road.  At least that’s what I gather from the other issue that was in the lot.

German Superman 03This one caught my attention because the coloring is different from the original, American edition.

Adventures of Superman #449The brighter background and the brighter colors on Superman and Guardian make a difference.  I am not saying it’s better because the original has a moodiness that the reprint lacks.  I was just pointing out the differences for the sake pointing out the differences.

The first page of this issue is almost comical.  The title of this issue was “The Search” and those words were part of the artwork on the splash page.  When they translated this issue into Hungarian they did so with the exact opposite of subtlety.

German Superman 05It’s kind of sad because that was a really good splash page too.

And that’s it for now.  I have another international edition of the Post Crisis Superman but that will wait another day.  Hope you enjoyed this.


  1. JAGTEN!!

    I have a Spanish edition of two of the JMS walk around America comics. They had been out in the US about six months when I picked them up in Barcelona.

    That same store had omnibus editions (at least 600 glossy pages) of most of the mid-90s Superman. The one I remember most clearly was the Death of Clark Kent, but it looked like the had everything from that era. Too many Euros to justify purchase of something I couldn’t read though.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Just noticed this entry – and While the first issue is probably hungarian the second numbered Nr. 43 the search is in fact a Danish issue -of Superman “jagten” the title means “the Hunt” .

    Thanks for All the great podcasts at views and FCTC and of course this website – love this period !

    Best regards,

    Thomas from Denmark

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Thomas. Keep an eye out on Wednesday because I plan to mention this in my follow up post.

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