When you co-host a podcast about the Superman books that were published between 1986 and 2006 it stands to reason that you might know something about that era.  This leads people to ask you questions and hands down this is one of the best things about hosting a podcast.  I start these things to share my thoughts and what I laughingly call my knowledge and I never get tired of it.

It’s keen.

Sometimes I can answer the question quickly.  Sometimes I have to do some research.  Sometimes I have to put something together.  A few weeks ago I got one of the Option C questions on Twitter.

Quick heads up for those coming in late; from 1991 to 2002 the Superman books had a little triangle on their cover.  See, there were three, then four, then five, then four Superman titles being published and the creative types decided to start linking each book so that even though the writers and artists were telling their own stories, the titles would be linked to make what became, ostensibly, a weekly Superman comic.  The triangle told you where the book you were reading fit into the overall story.

After making sure we were on the same page I had to admit that I didn’t have a list handy.  I own all of the comics we talk about on the show and I bought them as they were published, so I never had to get a list together to collect them and it never occurred to me to type out such a list.  The thing is, anal-retentive is hyphenated and I do have an inventory of all of my Superman books.  I use Excel for this and have the different titles in different workbooks and I just so happened to note the Never Ending Battle/Triangle Number next to each book that had one.  Some copying and pasting and sorting later I had what I believe is a complete list of the Never Ending Battle/Triangle Era books.

You can download the PDF here.

If you find something out of place let me know and I will fix and reupload the file.



  1. Odd. All that effort was made to create a weekly Superman book but somehow the triangle numbering only hit 52 once, apparently. Never realized that.

  2. Yeah. That had to do with a change in publishing. Starting in 1995 DC would have a fifth week event. I think the first one was the Amalgam books, but (for those reading this that might not be aware) to keep the lights on in the months where there were five Wednesdays DC would have little events. Usually it was a two issue mini-series and a handful of specials. This killed the need for the quarterly triangle book because they wouldn’t publish any other mainstream books during those weeks.

    And for the purposes of FCTC, it makes planning episodes more difficult.

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