Below is a list of the books I picked up this week.

  • Superman #15
  • Trinity #5
  • Justice League #13
  • Justice League vs Suicide Squad #5

Multiplicity started strong in the previous issue of Superman, so I am excited to get to the next chapter.  Hopefully things will work out for Captain Carrot.  Trinity is the most beautiful book I’m reading right now so that is definitely at the top of the stack.  The whole Justice League vs Suicide Squad thing continues to build up on the “to read” pile until it’s over.

I also picked up the Deluxe Hardcover of Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga.  I’ve never read that story and the price was low enough that it justified the impulse buy.  It collects issues 284-296 of Legion of Super-Heroes plus Annual #1, so that is a meaty read.  I like these hardcovers quite a bit.  The paper stock is good, they look nice and the fact that they are slightly oversized makes the artwork pop.  Cheers to DC for finally putting what issues are collected in the trade, hardcover, etc. on the back cover.  That is mighty handy.

Comixology added some more Superman books last Friday.  They have been following a pattern over the past month or so, which continued this week.  Books now available digitally include:

  • Action Comics (1938) #s 15, 17, 741 and 742
  • Adventures of Superman (1987) #s 554 and 555
  • DC Comics Presents (1978) #s 41, 42 and 43
  • Superman (1987) #s 131 and 132
  • Superman: The Man of Steel (1991) #s 75 and 76
  • Superman: The Man of Tomorrow (1995) #10

More of the Electric Blue era was added this week as it heads into the home stretch.  I looked and looked but could not find the Superman Red/Superman Blue special, which is disappointing as it’s important to the overall story.  The annuals from 1997 aren’t available but those are not as important as the special where Superman is split into two different people.  I am hoping it will be available next week.  If not I’ll write and ask.

The physical comics I got this week were bought at First Edition Comics in Peachtree City, GA.  Jared runs a great shop so if you are on the south side of Atlanta definitely pay him a visit and barring that check out his site.  I picked up the Legion hardcover at Dave’s Comics in Fayetteville, GA.

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