One thought on “Batman #317 Page 5”

  1. Love the show, you guys are awesome. As a big fan of the Batman and Catwoman romance, it’s really cool looking back on the Bronze Age era, where their relationship first evolved. With the idea being; what if Catwoman actually reformed, and Bruce Wayne started tapping that. Finally paying off all those years of sexual tension in the comics, and on the Adam West Batman TV show, with Julie Newmar’s Catwoman.

    It was the natural progression for the relationship, and it made Catwoman a more layered and complex character, as an anti-hero. Paul Levitz started the idea by creating Helena Wayne for Earth-Two, daughter of the Golden Age Bruce and Selina Wayne. And then Len Wein was able to take that concept, and introduce the possibility of that eventually happening again in another continuity, really cementing Catwoman as Batman’s one true love.

    No doubt inspiring Jeph Loeb’s Batman: Hush, The Dark Knight Rises, and Tom King’s Batman run. It all began with Levitz and Wein, understanding the importance of Bruce Wayne, and giving him a strong woman that he could share his life with.

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