Episode 24: The Old Switcheroo

Welcome to the twenty-fourth episode of The Overlooked Dark Knight.  The is a non-index index show where the hosts, Andrew Leyland and Michael Bailey, look at Batman comics that rarely, if ever, get talked about.  In the second episode of the month they discuss the various books that were associated with the animated Batman shows of the nineties, though just about everything is fair game.

This time out the guys get back to the Animated related books they’ve been banging on about.  In Batman Adventures #3 the Joker’s master plan finally comes to fruition as he holds the Dark Knight captive.  Or does he?  Then in Batman and Robin Adventures #4 (because Andy and Mike talked about issue 3 some time back) the title does not live up to it’s name because there is no Robin in the story.  There is a Penguin though and Mr. Cobblepot actually has a reason to do what he’s doing that is’t selfish.

Below is a gallery of images from the books discussed in this episode.

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Next Time: Animated Batman!  Be there!


  1. Batman Adventures #3 was the first issue of this series I bought… Or, rather I *had* bought for me.

    Back in the day, whenever my mom and I went grocery shopping at Shaw’s Supermarket in Norwood (Now, “Big Y World Class Market”) we would always go past the glorious old spinner rack, with the the iconic “COMICS” sign, surrounded by the heads of Archie Andrews, Richie Rich, Superman, AND Spider-Man.

    Mom would always let me get at least *one* comic, and I would look through the books to see what I wanted that day.

    This was what the earliest days of my comic book collecting was like, picking up random issues of whatever tickled my fancy, that day. Whether it be The Incredible Hulk by Peter David and Gary Frank, or an X-Men comic drawn by one of the Kuberts. (I always get Andy and Adam confused)

    This was also the days when eight year old me never quite grasped the concept of “Crossover Events.” I distinctly remember getting (Adjectiveless) Spider-Man #35, which was part of Maximum Carnage, and a month later, picking up #36, and being utterly confused.

    “Wait, what happened? How did Spider-Man save Black Cat and Venom from that fire? How did they end up at Jameson’s office? And where did all these other heroes come from?” Little did I know I was *SUPPOSED* to be following the story in ALL the monthly Spider-Titles, not just Adjectiveless.

    Anyhoo *AHEM* getting back to Batman, because y’know, this IS a Batman show… I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the late, great Mike Parobeck to become regular penciled on this title.

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