Episode 30: Fake News

Welcome to the thirtieth episode of The Overlooked Dark Knight.  The is a non-index index show where the hosts, Andrew Leyland and Michael Bailey, look at Batman comics that rarely, if ever, get talked about.  In one episode they will talk about Bat books from the late seventies and early eighties.  In another episode they will talk about the animated Adventures titles that DC published in the nineties.  Sometimes they talk about whatever strikes their fancy.

Andy and Mike dive back in the tie-in books this time out as they look at two extremely fun and well done comics.  In Batman Adventures #5, the guys pick up where they left off last time with the Scarecrow and his plot to make Gotham illiterate.  There’s action, some neat psychological profiling and mirrored storytelling, so this one pretty much has it all.  Then, in Batman and Robin Adventures #6, Robin is fired!  Well, not really, but that’s what the fake news at the failing Gotham Inquisitor would have you believe.  The only problem is most of the people believe what was published in the newspaper and suddenly Robins start popping up all over the city to try and get the job.  Dick Grayson is not pleased with this and we also get some fun references to other Robins, including a young red head named Carrie.

Below is a gallery of images from the books discussed in this episode.

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Next Time: Back to 1979…sort of.  We’ll explain next time.

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