Episode 76 – JLMay 2023: Brave and the Bold #1

Welcome to the seventy-sixth episode of The Overlooked Dark Knight. The is a non-index index show where the hosts, Andrew Leyland and Michael Bailey, look at Batman comics that rarely, if ever, get talked about.

This time out Andy and Mike are participating in the yearly podcasting crossover JLMay! Not only are they participating in it they are ones getting the party started. The subject this year is the 2007 Brave and the Bold series, which, shockingly, wasn’t a Batman team-up book. If this book had come out a year or so later it probably would have been. This iteration of Brave and the Bold served as more of a DC Universe book by mixing and matching heroes and villains to tell a larger story. At least that’s what the book did for the first twelve issues.

In this first issue Batman and Green Lantern team-up after each of them discovered a dead body which, shockinly, was the same man. The guys talk about Mark Waid’s ability to write a good Batman mystery story and add little flourishes of character that make the story come to life. They also discuss the awesome George Perez artwork as well as how this series fit into the overall DC Universe of the time. After that, they go back thirty years and look at Brave and the Bold #134, which also featured a team-up between Batman and Green Lantern and deals with GL defecting to the communists and Batman having to deal with that, which is odd because apparently comic books only recently started getting political.

(Stares at camera)

Below are the covers and select pages from the comics discussed during this episode.

Below are links to the other shows participating in this year’s JLMay!

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Next Time: It’s Mike’s turn to pick a random Batman book to talk about and his choice was Batman #336!


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