Episode 77 – The Penny Stocks of Villains

Welcome to the seventy-seventh episode of The Overlooked Dark Knight. The is a non-index index show where the hosts, Andrew Leyland and Michael Bailey, look at Batman comics that rarely, if ever, get talked about.

This time out Andy and Mike once again stick to their mandate (which is becoming something of a habit lately) and talk about a seemingly random issue of Batman that Mike picked out for a specific reason. Why did he choose Batman #336? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out but the guys sure do have a fun time talking about this issue. You have a C level villain trying to take advantage of Z level villains and Batman taking them all on. It’s just so good.

Then Mike (for reasons that make sense in the episode) asks Andy but what it was like buying comics in the UK in the late seventies and eighties and then goes into his own formative comic buying experiences. The conversation continues in that direction for the back half of the episode and you get to learn more about the hosts when they were lads and these were all fields. Mike also analyzes Andy’s reading habits and why he chose the DC books he read despite being more of a Marvel fan.

Below is the cover and select pages from the comic discussed during this episode.

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Next Time: Andy and Mike pick out the Batman trades and hardcovers that they would put in an ultimate Batman library.

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  1. Thank you, gentlemen. I came for the Batman discussion, and stayed, happily, for the love. The love of comics. The love of good conversation. The love of friends having a good conversation about comics and about theire love of comics. Simply put, I greatly enjoy hearing people talk about things they love and/or are passionate about. It doesn’t much matter if it’s comics, movies, books, poetry, or Assyrian pottery. as far as I’m concerned. It’s the passion and the connection that I’m here for, and the two of you always provide that.

  2. Thanks for covering this! I absolutely adore this one off story, it’s so much fun. I bought it off the stands and was only dimly aware of some of these, eh, lesser known members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. It was a great example of one of the things I loved about DC–it’s crazy deep history, full of characters only seen once or twice. Plus, it features Batman wearing his cowl under ANOTHER mask, which is always great.

    One thing–Batman has been gone “for weeks”? Did he miss JLA meetings? Did anyone check up on him???

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