The Overlooked Dark Knight At The Movies Presents…The Flash!

Welcome to the first installment of what Mike arbitrarily decided to call The Overlooked Dark Knight At The Movies! This is an occasional show where instead of talking about Batman stories people hardly ever talk about they will talk about Batman movies and television shows that everyone has probably already talked about. Sometimes it will be a commentary and sometimes, like this time, it will be a general discussion of the film or show.

This time out the guys decided to talk about 2023’s The Flash. Why? Because despite being a movie that is ostensibly about a character named the Flash there was a surprising amount of Batman in it. To be fair, Andy wasn’t going to watch this movie at all, but Mike felt he had to because he will be discussing parts of it at DragonCon this year and not watching the movie and doing so would have felt weird. Andy, being the good friend he is, decided Mike shouldn’t suffer alone, so he too watch this movie and boy did they have thoughts about it.

Not all good ones.

Primarily not good ones.

Over the course of this spoiler filled two hours Andy and Mike talk about this film from all angles. The special effects. The action set pieces. Ezra Miller’s performances. The various Batmen that show up. Wonder Woman’s appearance. Why Supergirl is probably the best part of the movie overall. Comic book films in general. This conversation has it all.

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The opening and closing theme to this show is titled Epic Heroic Cinematic Trailer by Alex Kizenkov obtained royalty free from Pixabay.

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Next Time: Andy and Mike pick out the Batman trades and hardcovers that they would put in an ultimate Batman library.


  1. Dave McElvenney

    I had no interest in seeing this movie, and nothing I heard in this episode changes my mind. If people like it, I’m happy for them, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s for me.
    I was always a fan of the Flash, especially Silver/Bronze Age Barry Allen. I always thought of him as the Dick Van Dyke (Rob Petrie, not Bert the chimney sweep) of superheroes — smart, funny, a guy you’d want to be friends with. Ezra Miller doesn’t seem like that guy, to me.
    When Michael mentioned contemporary creators saying things like, “We’re bringing the multiverse to the DC Cinematic Universe.”, as if they’re doing something revolutionary, I wanted to rage as Aslan did at the White Witch, “Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch! I was there when it was written!”

  2. Chris Lister

    The worst thing Geoff John’s did, in my opinion, was the death of Berry’s mother. Every medium the character has appeared in has been obsessed with that death ever since.

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