3 thoughts on “REVIEWS- 03/25/08”

  1. I totally see where you are coming from on the whole “Salvation Run” crossover-that-never-happened. However, I was actually pleasantly surprised when it turned out they didn’t interact with the “Salvation Run” cast. I’m really loving “Salvation Run” and I didn’t want the JLA’s Peanut Butter getting mixed up in my “Salvation Run” chocolate.

    Overall, the JLA book has become a bit like Countdown. It’s simply teasing for other books, doesn’t have a strong identity of it’s own, and because of the teasing of other stories they aren’t telling their own good stories. Shame really.

    Also, it would be nice to see Firestorm again after the forced him to join the team.

  2. Yeah. What’s up with no Firestorm especially after going to all that trouble?

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