When I first mentioned on Facebook that I was going to be covering the Electric Blue era of Superman someone (I apologize because I honestly forget who) asked if I was going to post the costume ideas that were in an issue of Wizard: The Guide to Comics around the time the big change was announced.  This led me to start digging through my Wizard collection because I honestly remember two different articles and one of those may not exist.  I have this dim memory of readers submitting their ideas for Superman’s new look, which may or may not have happened.  The second article, which was very real, was one that I found in Wizard: The Guide to Comics #66.

Two things stick out to me about this article with the first being Dan Jurgens quote about how this change will be the new status quo.  He said, “I guess if we get a billion letters saying it sucks, we’ll probably back out, but I highly doubt that’s going to happen.”  That quote is interesting not because the new look only lasted a year but because of something another writer on the Superman books at the time said in another Wizard publication.

 More on that next week.

That’s a tease.

Because I can do that sort of thing.

The second part that stuck out to me was the ideas other artists had for Superman’s new look.  J. Scott Campbell seems to prefer letting classic costumes stay classic.  Kevin Lau’s design was similar to more recent Superman costumes in video games and other media.  Jerry Ordway’s remarks about the underpants surprised me but his ideas were on point for the ’90s.  Joe Quesada’s design was…not to my liking.  Andy Kubert’s remarks seemed like he preferred a sleeker look for the Man of Steel.  John Romita, Sr.’s idea for Superman wasn’t surprising as it was very Marvel.  Oddly enough the new look that was chosen for Superman is very close to his idea with some minor tweaks.

 I dug the Visual Evolution of Superman that ran at the top and bottom of the second and third pages of the article.  Wizard was usually good about giving a sense of history of the character they were writing about during this era.  In the end this article did exactly what it was supposed to do; tease the upcoming change and give us just enough information to get us interested.

So to the person that was asking for this article to be posted…here you go.  I hope this is what you were looking for.


  1. Yaaaas! 😆 Sincerest of heartfelt huge thank you for being more than kind enough in doing this (even though I’m not the original person who requested it him or herself here) for I have been literally looking everywhere for it for over two decades. And you’re not imagining things for there was a second part to it all where readers did submit in their own personal reimagining looks.

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