Today I present more bits of business from the Zero Hour edition of Previews.  To be fair there were hundreds of other comic books solicited in that particular Previews, not to mention trading cards and T-shirts and so on, but for my purposes it will henceforth be known as the Zero Hour edition of Previews.  In any case this is a three page interview that Michael R. Smith conducted with Dan Jurgens.  I apologize up front that some of the text was cut off on the first page.  This was an unfortunate by product of the cutter I used to slice the binding off of the Previews.


Previews- Zero Hour 16 Previews- Zero Hour 17 Previews- Zero Hour 18

The main take away I…took away from this interview is how forward thinking Dan was when it came to Zero Hour.  In the Wizard article he discussed the main reasons behind the series and teased some of the high points of the story.  Here he focused on Zero Hour as a chance to really start the next age of DC and his comments about the younger characters was interesting.  I’m still not down with what happened to the JSA during the story but I appreciate where he’s coming from.  I also liked the comparisons between this story and the Death and Return of Superman.  It’s an easy question to ask but Dan’s answer gave some insight into the creative process of a company wide crossover compared to a character specific crossover.

I have a few other non-solicitation images to post but I figure I will wait to do that until next week.  More to follow, as I used to write at the end of every post.