Superman Never Ending Battles

A few years back Pocket Books and DC Comics released a series of novels based on the various members of the then JLA.  One of these was Superman: The Never-Ending Battle by my all-time favorite Superman writer Roger Stern.  It was a good read and overall I enjoyed it.  Much to my surprise and delight I discovered that Graphic Audio is releasing an audio adaptation of the book in September.

Here are the particulars.

I’m looking forward to this.  I was very impressed with Graphic Audio’s adaptation of Infinite Crisis and so far 52 is good as well.  What they did with those two projects is combine a book-on-CD of Greg Cox’s novelizations of both series with a radio drama so you have a narrator doing the…uh…narration, actors supplying the voices of the characters as well as music and sound effects.  I am working under the assumption that Superman: The Never-Ending Battle will be presented along the same lines.

While you are at the site check out the other DC projects Graphic Audio has coming up.  It looks like they may be doing a full line of those DC novels, which may be a good thing or may be a bad thing depending on how you felt about those books.

And I recommend both Infinite Crisis and 52.  Each is a two part set and they’ll set you back about $68 total but each set has twelve discs, so that’s well worth the money. 

More to follow… 

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