So I was checking out the Superman Homepage the other day (as I am wont to do) and caught this piece regarding Superman making not one but two appearances on Batman: Brave and the Bold.  I will admit that my initial reaction was, “Awesome,” followed very closely by, “Well it’s about damn time,” followed immediately by, “Are they going to f*** this up?”

Batman: Brave and the Bold is an odd duck of an animated series for me.  There are episodes that I absolutely love and then there are episodes I absolutely hate and it is fifty/fifty on what my reaction to a given episode will be.  Sometimes it’s really fun and sometimes I actually feel a little silly watching it.  I mean I am glad the show exists because I do believe it is a fantastic way to introduce a new and possibly younger audience to the broader DCU much like the various incarnations of the Super Friends did for me when I was a lad, but…I don’t know.  It’s weird.

From the very beginning of the show’s existence people have been clamoring (i.e. making numerous posts and comments online) for Superman to appear on the show.  It seems like a no-brainer.  People like seeing Superman and Batman together in just about every medium and for awhile there it seemed like Superman would never find his way on to B:BATB.  The interviews with the creative side of the show seemed to indicate that they really didn’t want Superman around but in all honesty that could have been me reading something into the comments that just wasn’t there.  In any case it seems that the time has come for Superman to guest star and I’m left feeling…

Well, in all honesty I don’t know how to feel.  One of my chief complaints of B:BATB is the fact that Batman is treated as THE GREATEST THING EVER in just about every episode.  It doesn’t matter who the bad guys or fellow heroes are or how powerful those heroes and villains might be Batman is always better, smarter and more awesome.  Frankly I blame Grant Morrison for this.  It was during his run on JLA that the idea that if Batman had five minutes and a Swiss Army knife he could take down any threat.  B:BATB takes this idea and kicks it up to the infinite power.  Yes, I know Batman is going to win.  It’s his show but there’s really no drama because Batman is always treated like THE GREATEST THING EVER.

So I’m a tad worried because I don’t want Superman to come on to the show and get treated like a subordinate.  Superman doesn’t have to take center stage but the two heroes should be treated like equals and with the way the show has been going I have my doubts that this is going to happen.  DC has not had a good track record of late of giving the Man of Steel his due and I am afraid this is going to translate into Superman’s appearance on Batman: Brave and the Bold.

Then again I could be wrong and Superman and Batman teaming up with each other and then with Wonder Woman could be thirty-one flavors of awesome.  Only time will tell.  For the moment I will leave final judgment until I see the actual episodes.

I’m just nervous is all.

More to follow…


  1. I have only seen a handful of episodes, but I do think you’re being a bit harsh on the show. It’s called “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.” Of COURSE the title character is going to be treated as the greatest thing ever! Further, this isn’t “Justice League” or JLU — it’s aimed at a much younger audience, so there’s not as much room (if any) for nuance or moral shading of the “good guys.” I’m not certain you can pin this on Morrison.

    I will tune in for a Superman guest shot, but remember: he will be a guest star, and it’s not nice for guests to outshine their hosts. 🙂 Relax! This is not another nail in any supposed coffin for the Man of Steel. One day, he’ll have his own cartoon again, and Batman will get to play second fiddle. It’ll all come out in the wash.

    (It *was* just a few years ago that Superman headlined the animated Legion, remember, so the “track record” you speak of about DC handling Superman properly in other media is mixed — there is good as well as bad!)

  2. I enjoy “Batman: Brave and the Bold” quite a bit. Even Aquaman’s portrayal — which I disliked at first — has grown on me. The show works best when viewed like most Silver Age Superman. Don’t expect deep storytelling or nuanced characterization. Just shut your brain off and enjoy some fantastic, goofy, brightly-colored fun. To paraphrase Plastic Man from an early issue… “gorillas riding pterodactyls, with harpoon guns, stealing a boat.

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