A little late today, but this post still got in under the wire.

Last week I was shopping with my wife and we stopped by Dave’s Comics in Fayetteville where I wasn’t really planning to buy anything and of course I found something to buy.  This is the way things work out for me.  If I want something it’s not there.  If I am not looking for anything in particular the comic fairies will sprinkle their magic dust over the store and SHAZAM I find something cool.

And I indeed found something cool.

Actually I found cool 14 pieces of cool and over the course of this week I will be posting the covers because I am really excited that I found these books.

The fact that I got all of these books for $3 a piece makes it all the better.

And here we go with Part One!

I am going backwards numbering wise, so here is the first one and the last one.

These books break down into two categories; covers I have seen again and again re-reading Superman: From The ’30s to the ’70s and covers that just looked awesome.  This one is from the second category because that cover looks awesome.

Come on!  It’s Clark Kent shooting Lex Luthor with a machine gun and Lex is wearing a Superman costume!  This one is begging to be purchased and read!  I’ll get back to you when I get around to reading it.

Am I the only one weirded out by the fact that Superman is probably naked in that tube?

This cover was in the interesting category.  It’s creepy but I have to admit it begs to be bought.

This one is kind of a surprise to me.  The thing about the cover galleries in Superman: From the ’30s to the ’70s is that they were kind of small, so I never noticed the issue numbers.  Until I bought this comic last week I was absolutely convinced that this story took place after Superman (vol. 1) #233, the kick off to the Kryptonite Nevermore storyline.  Turns out I was wrong.

Oh well.  Live and learn.  I still love that I have this issue.

This is a classic cover.  It’s kind of beat up but for three bucks it was a great buy.  I am very fond of imaginary stories and even though most of them end on a weak note I still dig them, so I am looking forward to getting this book as well.

And that’s it for today.  Come back tomorrow for YouTube Tuesday and then come back on Wednesday for more cover scans of the awesome books I have recently purchased.

More to follow…