So last week I blew a fan gasket about Superman leaving Action Comics.  I threw out a few theories. Turns out one of them was right.  Here is a bit of what I wrote.

So we follow Superman in Superman and Action Comics becomes a showcase for either older heroes or newer ones.  With the mention of Nightwing and Flamebird3 in the solicitations it makes me curious as to whether or not they’re going to be the stars of Action.  I could be wrong on that.  It’s just a guess.  Maybe they’ll put all of the other characters that have had canceled series over the last two years into the book.  I’m a little fuzzy on that one.

Here are some quotes from a Newsarama interview with DiDio.

In Action, we’re going to see some major changes – Superman will not be featured in Action Comics. The stars of Action will be the new team of Flamebird and Nightwing. Flamebird is a character we’ve seen, but this is the first time we’re seeing her in costume. Nightwing is a character that we’ve known in the DCU for a little while, but he’s new to the Nightwing costume as well. The team on that book will be Greg Rucka with Eddy Barrows. Eddy will be moving over from Teen Titans.

Now – you’re going to be asking me two questions – and the question for me is, do I let you ask them and eat up your number of questions for this time, or do I go ahead and answer them before you ask them? I’ll do it myself, because I’d hate for you to use up your questions (laughs). The big question is where Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are going. They will be doing Superman: Secret Origin as a miniseries coming up later in the year. We decided to run that as its own miniseries, different from what Geoff just did in Green Lantern. It gives them a little more time to work it, they don’t have to struggle against the ongoing schedule, and it won’t throw off the triangles on the covers which keep track of the story. They’ll be doing the definitive origin of Superman as we’ve seen it all take place, and incorporating the changes that we’ve seen or suggested since Infinite Crisis.

With the Superman books following Infinite Crisis, we made some suggestions as to some of the changes that might be occurring within Superman’s origin and who he is. There were a lot of things that have been changed over a period of time, and what Geoff has done, what Geoff always does so well is that he incorporates so many of the various aspects of Superman’s origin to what I feel is really a clean, definitive take on the character as he exists today, and more importantly, how we will continue to present him in the years to come.

The John Byrne changes were important and strong when they occurred back in the ‘80s, and I feel that Geoff’s origin is going to make that same imprint now, for 2009 and past that.

All right.  Here is where I have to do something I really don’t want to do.

I have to admit that I flew off the handle.

I seriously jumped the gun and should have just taken a deep breath and waited to see what the actual deal was.

I was the worst kind of fanboy.

I really have to try and not have this happen again.

Does this mean I take back everything I wrote in that post?  No.  But as far as flying off the handle I should just give it a day or two and then write about it.


Everything he describes in the article sounds so freaking awesome.

I’m going to go do some house work now.

Though I do ask this question:

Is the new Nightwing  actually Conner Kent?

I mean he had the tactile telekinesis thing going on.

More to follow…