Welcome back to YouTube Tuesday here at the Fortress!  I don’t remember if I have posted this video before but if I did I think it bears re-posting.  Here is…How Superman Should Have Ended!


Man I love that video.  This time out I noticed something really interesting, at least to me.  The music you hear that sounds sort of like the Superman theme?  Well I first heard that during Graphic Audio’s adaptation of Infinite Crisis.  Actually it was an adaptation of the novelization by Greg Cox, but still.  If you aren’t familiar with Graphic Audio they are a production company that create full cast audio dramas with music and sound effects that adapt novels of various genres and for the last few years they’ve been adapting a whole slew of original DC novels as well as the novelizations of the big events.  When I first heard their take on Infinite Crisis I was very impressed that the person doing the score created a Superman theme that built nicely and while it wasn’t the best of Superman themes it certainly wasn’t bad.  So it is cool to hear it here.

That’s all for today folks.  Come back tomorrow for Read This Too!

What is Read This Too!?

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