I have a lot of neat stuff packed away here in the Fortress.  From time to time I will pull them out and share them with you.  These are the Fortress Archives.

This time out I present Direct Currents #9 from October or so of 1988.  Direct Currents was a free magazine put out by DC Comics and distributed to comic shops to hype whatever DC was publishing that month.  It was a flimsy little thing and the “articles” were not even remotely in depth, but it did it’s job of letting you know what was coming out when, so there’s that.  Before the Direct Currents “magazine” DC had run something similar off and on for years, but those were on a week by week basis in the comics themselves. 

I would occasionally pick these up at the Comic Vault in the early nineties but I didn’t hang on to them.  Actually I cut them up for the covers and such when I would plaster my bedroom walls with comic book stuff, but that’s beside the point.  Some years back Chuck, my dealer at Titan Games and Comics, had a bunch of these sitting around and gave them to me for free because no one else wanted them he knew I would like them.  This is why I shop at Titans.  Chuck gives me the hook up from time to time.

This issue was interesting mainly because it was pimping the then upcoming Invasion! event.  Invasion! is my all time favorite DC crossover ever.  There is no question of this, so when I was going through some thing the other day this caught my eye.  Here’s the cover.