I didn’t write a post today. I did produce a page for this blog that you can find on your right under the Fortress of Baileytude Pages section.

A few years back I found this site that listed every crossover to all of the major event books of both Marvel and DC. I copied the info, edited it in a Word document and SHAZAM I had an instant piece of reference. So I thought I would take that out, dust it off and put the DC books here.[1. The reason I didn’t post the Marvel crossovers is that they have disappeared.  Apparently that file didn’t get transferred.  Oh well.  Like goes on.]

Seemed like a good idea to me.

Here’s a direct link to the page in case you were curious.

At some point I’ll put the info about Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis and eventually Amazons Attack and Final Crisis, though the last two will actually seem like work.  Especially Amazons Attack, which was awful.

For now, here are the big DC events and the books associated with them.


More to follow…