Here’s another cover that I didn’t know existed until recently.

When I bought this issue of Wizard: The Guide to Comics back in 1996 it had a character named Shi on the cover.  Recently I discovered it had an alternate Superman cover and found it for a reasonable price on eBay.  To be honest I’m not all that hot on this piece but that has nothing to do with Joe Quesada or Jimmy Palmiotti.  Normally I like their art but the blank eyed stare of Superman is off putting.  I do like that they have him flying up through some clouds.  At least that’s what I think is going on here.  No matter where the Man of Steel is flying this is a rare Superman piece by Quesada and Palmiotti.  Quesada is more known for his Batman work at DC and Palmiotti has written a number of series for the publisher but Superman is not a name I would associate with either man.

This issue of Wizard had an article about the then upcoming Superman: The Animated Series, which explains his presence on this alternate cover.

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