Yesterday was Christmas and as usual it was awesome.  Rachel and I slept in (which will change when we eventually have kids, so I am enjoying that while I can) got up, made some breakfast and soon the opening of presents began.  It was a light year because money has been kind of tight but Rachel managed to snag me some great presents, a few of which are Superman related.

X-Mas 2012 AIt may surprise some of you to learn that I don’t own all of Smallville on DVD.  There are a few reasons for this.  Actually there is one reason for this; I am cheap when it comes to buying DVDs.  Unless I ABSOLUTELY have to have it the week it comes out I will go years without buying a movie or a season of a television series because I know down the road it will be cheaper.  So the Smallville box sets (at least the back half of the series) have eluded me thus far.  Target had these for a good price so I put them on my wish list.  Lo and behold Rachel got them for me.  Now all I need is Seasons 7 and 10 and I’ll have the whole series.

For the record I will be watching these fairly soon.  Even though I can’t recall seeing any of Season 7 and only a handful of episodes from Seasons 8 thru 10 I know enough to dive into these without having to wait to get the seventh season.  I’m looking forward to it too.  My feeling is that these will go down much better now that the series has been over for well over a year now and all of the problems I had with it are firmly in the past.  I’ll let you know if this is the case.

X-Mas 2012 C X-Mas 2012 BRachel also got me a nice shirt and sleep pants set.  Technically they aren’t an according to Hoyle set and were bought at two different stores but she thought they would look good together and so they are mine.  These will be my, “It’s really cold today” lounging clothes.

And that is pretty much it.  A modest haul but a haul nonetheless.  As always my wife got me some great stuff and most of the presents were Superman related.  I hope everyone had a good holiday and got everything they wanted as well.

Normal service resumes tomorrow.

More to follow…

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