Jon Schepp released a teaser trailer for his documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? and I am excited beyond belief.  It doesn’t come out until next year but hot damn am I excited about this.


I like the fact that Jon is taking his time with this.  He has a real passion for the material and he seems to be getting some top notch interview subjects.  It also looks like the movie is going to have a sense of humor to it, which is always nice.  You don’t want to make fun of the subject but having a good time and giving it some humorous moments will make for a more endearing viewing experience.  I can’t say for sure whether or not what Burton and Cage might have done with Superman would have been good or bad and to be honest I think that I would have initially hated the movie before coming to terms with it years later but I like that Jon is taking the time to uncover this facet of Superman’s history.

2014 is probably going to end up being the year of Batman but it looks like some neat Superman stuff is coming down the pike as well.

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