I’ve done this in some of my other blogs so I thought it might be worth a lark to continue it here.

Here is a rundown of the Superman related books and such that I bought for the comic book week of March 26, 2008

New Issues 

All-Star Superman #10

Brave and the Bold #11 (Which came out last week, but my shop was shorted it’s order last week and got more in this week)

Back Issues

Superman (Vol. 1) #s 316, 317, 320, 323 and 328

Action Figures

Bizarro, Zod and Ursa from the Last Son line.

Superman from the Reactivated Series 4: Super Squad line.

Now you might think, “My God, Mike!  Why so many action figures?  You win the lottery or something?”  Or maybe you’re thinking that I’m a lightweight for only getting four.  Somewhere in between you have me, a guy who is finally caught up on the bills and trying to clean out his somewhat but not completely out of control box. 

The figures are actually kind of nice.  I was very excited about the Super Squad Superman figure since I am a big fan of not only the Earth-2 Superman but of the mid-seventies run of All-Star Comics as well.  I have not committed myself to buying the whole line but it is still neat to see them get the action figure treatment.  The only thing I was remotely disappointed in was the fact that the S on Superman’s chest was changed from the initial image released by DC and the final product.  Here’s the promotional image from DC Comics’ website.

DC Super Squad Promo Image

Here is the kind of sucky picture I took with my digital camera of the figure I brought home today.

Super Squad Blister Pack

Oh well, change of S notwithstanding it is still a kick ass figure.

The Last Son line I ordered when they first solicted them not knowing that the storyline was going to suffer endless delays.  Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Kubert was sick.  It’s not fair complaining when a man gets sick, but still.  The figures are rather nice, though.  I’m not too keen on the Superman because he looks…well, he looks like he has a hump.  But Bizarro, Zod and Ursa look great. 

The back issues were a total impulse buy.  I have been meaning to get back to my Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths collection and while these particular issues weren’t in the best of condition I wanted them just the same.

Plus, the cover to Superman (Vol. 1) #317 is a classic.

Superman Vol 1 #317

I need to get a new scanner. 

As for the new issues, well it was a mixed bag.  I haven’t decided if I want to write a review/analyze All-Star Superman #10 but for now let’s just say that while I think the title is well written I don’t think this is the Superman for me.  Brave and the Bold#11 was a lot of fun.  I haven’t been following the title, but throw back to the seventies as personified by Steve Lombard wanting to play a practical joke on Superman aside I thought it was a solidly written issue and you can’t beat Jerry Ordway art.

So all in all a good week.  Now I am off to rip open my Last Son figures and go to bed.

More to follow…

One thought on “THE NEW STUFF: COMIC BOOK WEEK 03/26/08”

  1. That All-Star Comics figure is pretty cool. I didn’t realize they were making these. I gotta agree that the change to the “S” is disappointing.

    I loved that old All-Star series. I was thinking, they did a Power Girl first appearance, didn’t they? That would be good for this series. I think they also did a Earth-2 Huntress at some point; again good for this series. Did they ever do a Star-Spangled Kid figure?

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