Episode 82 – Her Name is…Poison Ivy!

Welcome back to The Overlooked Dark Knight, the podcast that shines a light on Batman stories hardly anyone talks about!

This time out Andy and Mike cover two comics that have been released as facsimile editions over the past few years because the guys really love them. After a brief introduction where Andy and Mike blame each other for life decisions they dig into Batman #181, which was the first appearance of Poison Ivy. Then, after some podcast promos and vintage commercials and PSAs, they look at Batman #357, which was not only the first appearance of Killer Croc but also had a blink and you’ll miss it first appearance of Jason Todd.

Seriously. He’s in like one panel. It’s barely an appearance.

Along the way the guys talk about why they love facsimile editions so much, Doctor Who, whether Robin is old enough to fancy a woman, the logistics of jumping out of a helicopter with a parachute, the brilliance of Don Newton and Alfredo Alcala’s artwork, and much, much more!

Below are the covers of the books discussed during this episode.

Shows promoted in this episode include…

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The opening and closing theme for the show is Superhero Intro by Stringer Bell and taken from the royalty free site Pixma Bay.

Next Time: Something involving Batman!

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