Episode 2: “Pilot” or Sam Lane’s Punchable Face

In their second episode, Bethany, Alison, and Michael talk about the pilot episode of Superman and Lois, which was titled, “Pilot” and aired on February 23, 2021.  With all of the introductions wrapped up in the last episode the BAM crew jump right into their thoughts about the episode.  Bethany gives us a lesson on what a “fruit salad” is in terms of the military, Alison does the math on how old the kids were when Kara got to Earth, and Michael feels old at the mention of Clark going to a Soul Asylum concert.  Bethany reveals who has the most punchable face of the episode (it was a battle between Kyle and Sam) and Michael goes through the direct and indirect Easter Eggs tucked away in the episode and delivers the first Professor Bailey’s Superman 101 Lesson.

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The theme for the show is “On My Way”  by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


  1. Thanks for this podcast! I enjoyed this pilot episode of “Superman and Lois”. I hope to see it continue strong, and I look forward to hearing you talk about it. I have to tell you that I truly laughed out loud when Bethany described Superman as “a human”, “a Kryptonian”, “a sentinet being”, and finally, “a human-shaped sentient being”. I was yelling (on the street, since I was listening as I took my morning walk), “How about calling him a person? It’s exactly right, and it’s shorter and simpler!” Thanks for the laugh. Fortunately, it was a dreary morning and there was no one on the street to witness my outburst.
    It’s going to be interesting, as the series goes on, to see the development of the boys’ powers, and to see if they have any powers in common, or if they, as hybrid Kryptonian-humans, have any powers that neither of their parents have.
    I was certain that, when Clark mentioned having “super-smell”, it was going to be a “Chekhov’s power”, coming back at some point in the episode, but I was wrong about that. I did laugh when he said he doesn’t use it much with two teenage boys in the house. As a longtime schoolteacher, myself, who often had some students come to my class directly after gym, not having showered, to wish, sometimes, that I could turn off my sense of smell at will. Also, I agree that the boys do not look at all like typical high school freshmen, and I can attest that, yes, particularly in rural areas, freshmen do go to “keggers”.
    I’ll be interested to see if the writers do, at some point, address the changes wrought by “Crisis”, but I’m not sure that this will or should be a major point in this show. I think the focus would best be on the family as it is. Looking into a previous but “erased” Kent family would be opening a can of worms best left unopened. In the words of Em Middleton, “Continuity is the brainchild of nitpicking nerds”, and sometimes over -attention to such things can get tiresome. I’ve read many contradictory stories about King Arthur and his knights, and Robin Hood and his Merry Men, to say nothing of many contradictory stories of Superman and friends throughout DC’s Silver Age (sorry Michael), and I can enjoy the stories as separate from each other, so I will take what comes.
    Looking forward to next week’s barbecue at the Cushings’.

  2. Love love your podcast. This is the only show since I saw the Firefly pilot that I immediately wanted to watch again. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on episode #2. I think if nothing else Sam Lane needs to be punched more

  3. The game Jordan was playing is Injustice 2, not Mortal Kombat vs DC.

    Justice League Dark: Apocalips War is great for anyone who’s always wanted to see a snuff flick featuring DC characters.

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