Episode 26: DragonCon 2021 Round Up or Oh The Things We Did

The BAM Crew (Bethany, Alison, and Michael) are back with a brand new episode where they talk about DragonCon!  DragonCon 2021 to be precise and the Crew has a fun time recounting the more Superman centric adventures they had while attending a convention that can be best described as Geek Mardi Gras.

Bethany and Alison talk about their experiences getting their pictures taken with Tyler Hoechlin and then talking with him on the Walk of Fame.  One of those conversations nearly ended in Bethany having to “throw hands” with other people in line.  Michael talks about how he chickened out of meeting Tyler but made up for that with his adventures moderating the three Smallville celebrity panels that went down during con.  Then they talk about the various fan panels they were part of.  Oddly enough, the three members of the Crew were not on a panel together, but that didn’t stop them from discussing the Man of Steel and Lois and the boys seperately.

The Crew also got their picture taken together for the first time and their good friend Michael Faulkner even added some effects for them.

And here is the video from that Battle of the Media Supermen panel.  Thanks to Rebecca Johnson of Supergirl Radio for filming that.

Finally, the Crew goes through the very limited amount of feedback they have received for the previous episode!

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The main theme for the show is “Heroes” by the awesome Mike Schmidt.  You can find his work over at Speed Force Music.

Next Time: No clue.  But it should be fun.


  1. It sounds like you all had a good (and exhausting) time at DragonCon, and hearing you talk about it made me smile. I do hope that, the next time Michael has an opportunity to meet and talk with Tyler Hoechlin (or anyone else he’d like to meet), he will get past the awkward feeling and do it. I understand that behavior pattern, since I’ve often done that myself, but, if you don’t mind some advice from someone a bit older, go for it. Even if you’re a bit awkward, remember that Tyler has probably had encounters with awkward fans before and would take it in stride.
    In the words of the great Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” or, to quote the poem “Maud Muller”, by John Greenleaf Whittier:
    For of all sad words of tongue or pen,
    The saddest are these: “It might have been!”

    Thanks for the photos in this post. It’s good to be able to put faces (even masked) to the voices.

    One other thing: Michael had posted on Facebook some musings about Superman fandom as related to religious denominations, and mentioned it here, as well. I would love to hear more on this topic at some point, and, as a longtime Catholic, I feel I must point out that a subdivision might be necessary to differentiate Catholics before and after the Second Vatican Council (aka “Vatican II, to those in the know). I suspect there might be differences there.

  2. Since I believe I chose Silver/Bronze Age fans to be the Catholics of Superman fandom, I would put out that the Silver Age side is before the Second Vatican Council and the Bronze Age is Post Vatican II. The biggest difference is that comics in the Bronze Age did not have to be entirely in Latin.

  3. That makes sense. I straddle Vatican II, having been born early enough to have some “Church Latin”, but much of my Catholic school education was post-Vatican II, so I enjoy both Silver and Bronze Ages. I suspect that Mel Gibson, although he is only one day older than I am, given his fondness for the Tridentine Mass in Latin, would be firmly in the Silver Age camp, assuming he is a Superman fan.

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