Episode 3: “Heritage” or Hologramps is a Big Jerk

In their third episode, The Bam Crew (you know, Bethany, Alison, and Michael) discuss Heritage, the second episode of the first season of Superman and Lois, which aired on March 2, 2021.  Topics discussed during the course of the episode include theories on how Jordan and Jonathan may or may not manifest their powers, how history tends to repeat itself, the “controversy” of calling a cook-out a barbecue, how the show gets things done in terms of the destruction of Krypton, why “hologramps” is the best name ever, and why Jor-El is a big jerk.  Mike goes over the Easter Eggs from the episode and delivers another Professor Bailey’s Superman 101 lesson, this time about Morgan Edge.  The crew then closes things out with your listener feedback, so write in, y’all!

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Next Time: The BAM crew discusses The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower.


  1. Another fun episode. Keep this up, and I’ll have to write a review on Apple Podcasts. (I usually wait until I’ve listened to about a half-dozen episodes to have enough of a sense of a podcast to write a review.)
    That said, now I have to turn into “that guy”. First, to address the disdain expressed for American football, and the use of the word “soccer”. The word “football” refers to a sport involving a ball in which the participants are on foot ,(games played by peasants or commoners) as opposed to on horseback (games played by knights and nobles), so American football is, indeed, football. Second, the word “soccer” is a Britishism, a colloguialism for “association football”, which was the term used in England around 200 years ago. The English (and the British in general) started using the word “football”more commonly to describe the game in roughly the last third of the 20th Century, to distinguish it from American football. It makes me laugh when the Brits mock Americans for using the word “soccer”, when it’s their word to begin with.
    Next, I’d like to include a little comic book history which might inform the “Easter eggs” segment. Michael included “sunstones” in that segment, but sunstones go back farther than he seemed to suggest. The first appearance in comics of a Kryptonian sunstone was in Action Comics #336, cover-dated April, 1966, in the story “The Man From the Phantom Zone”. In that story, sunstones were described as, essentially, solar batteries, “strange crystals which absorb solar heat and light all day and emit it at night”. The idea of information storage crystals came later, as Michael mentioned, in Superman: The Movie. Also, when I heard Holograms use the term “Photonucleic Effect”, I chuckled, because that goes back to one of my all-time favorite Superman writers, Mr. Elliot S! Maggin, in his novella Starwinds Howl (I don’t know the date for that one.), a story of Krypto the Super Dog, explaining how Kryptonians and Daxamites and other natives of red sun worlds gain superpowers under a yellow sun.

    Sorry about all that. It’s not a complaint, just trying to add a bit of context. The hazards of being old, and a math teacher with a hyperactive memory for Silver and Bronze Age stories.

  2. Some corrections to the above: “colloguialism” in the first paragraph should, of course, be “colloquialism”, and “Holograms” in the second paragraph should be “Hologramps” (a word I really love).

  3. Once again, another fantastic episode from all three of you. Each of you has such a unique perspective on both the show and the cast that it makes for mandatory listening for me every Sunday morning. I’d love to leave you some great feedback and ratings on Spotify and Google…but they don’t have that option as of yet. Therefore, I figured I would thank all three of you this way.

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