Episode 7: Man of Steel (2013) or Eugenics is BAD

The BAM Crew (Bethany, Alison, and Michael) is back, though this time they aren’t discussing the latest episode of Superman and Lois because that show is on hiatus.  Nope, this time they are using that hiatus to look at other live action (and potentially animated) adventures of Superman and Lois and they are starting with the most recent cinematic take of the characters.

That’s right, folks…The Crew is diving into the Snyderverse.

First up is 2013’s Man of Steel, which seems to be the most controversial take on the character since the last controversial take on the character.  Alison discusses the concept of hope in past Superman films compared to this version, while Bethany puts forward the theory that eugenics might be bad.  Then Michael goes through the things he liked and didn’t like about the movie, leading to lively discussions about the depiction of Krypton in the film, Jonathan Kent’s parenting style, how that parenting style shaped this particular version of Superman, the amount of destruction in the movie, and how eugenics is bad.

After the extra long discussion (did they mention that eugenics is bad) Michael goes through the Easter Eggs of the movie and delivers an extended Professor Bailey’s Superman 101 segment all about the evolution of Superman’s origin over the decades in both the comics and on the screen.  Finally, Bethany reveals who had The Most Punchable Face of the film.

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Eugenics is bad.

Next Time: The BAM Crew continue their trip through the Snyderverse with the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


  1. I have to say that this was, for me, a fascinating look at a movie I still have mixed feelings about, with my thoughts hewing very close to Michael’s in most respects. I remember having a “Wow! I LOVE this!” reaction to the depiction of Krypton, with the Rondor and Wegthor and the overall “look” of Krypton, and to Superman’s first flight (which I found reminiscent of Supergirl’s first flight in the 1984 movie), but, for me, Jonathan’s answer to Clark when he asked, “What was I supposed to do? Just let them die?” just was too hard a pill to swallow (#NotMyPaKent). I won’t argue taste here, because, as one of my mentors used to tell me, “De gustibus non est disputandum” (In matters of taste, there is no disputing.), but this, among other lesser details, told me that I was not the target audience for this film. I do recognize that others like it, but it’s not for me, and I have a virtual Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders worth of memories of Superman going over six decades, so it’s not as if one movie can take those away from me. The fountain of Superman is deep, and all may drink their fill.
    I enjoyed Professor Bailey’s class on the various versions of Superman’s origin story, and I’d like to add a small tidbit: In the 1948 serial Superman, with Kirk Alyn in the title role, we see in Chapter 1 a scene in which a young Clark Kent saves his Pa from a tornado.

  2. Once again, another great episode, and kudos to all three of you for bravely treading where…well, thousands upon thousands of Superman fans did 8 years ago. I also give you all additional kudos to somehow never going all-out Mr. Mackey and saying, “Eugenics are bad…mmmkay?”

    As Professor Bailey pointed out, this movie was polarizing, to say the least. Friendships were severed. Like, brutally severed. Never to be repaired again. It was amazing to watch it play out on message boards in real time during that time. I thought I had seen it all with “Smallville” versus “Superman Returns” fandom back in 2006, but this was on another level, altogether.

    For me…I have opinions. Personally, like you all, I was also happy to see a new Krypton, free from the crystalline versions that were in much of the media versions of “Superman” throughout the years since 1978. However, once the movie switched to Smallville, it lost me and never really regained me again. The death of Jonathan Kent was my “WTF” moment. I reconciled that the ZS “MOS” interpretation is one of many for “Superman”, and that seemed to pacify me…

    …until Batman vs. Superman in 2016, and I will be VERY interested in how that one goes next week!

    If you three are considering continuing with the podcast during the summer hiatus, would you consider doing some watching and commenting on another forms of “Superman” (featuring Clark and Lois) in the media outside of the Snyderverse? For instance:

    1. Listening to a complete story from the “Adventures of Superman” radio show from the 1940’s?
    2. Watching an episode or two of the “Adventures of Superman” tv show from the 1950’s, especially one featuring Phyllis Coates from Season 1. Maybe compare her version from Noel Neill from Seasons 2 onward?
    3. Watching an episode or two from the 1980’s Ruby Spears cartoon (highly underrated series, IMHO)?
    4. Watching an episode or two from the 1990’s “Superman the Animated Series”?

    This may already be included on the Facebook page, but I haven’t been there to check (sorry)!

    Finally, Professor Bailey’s lesson on the Origins of Superman was an excellent overview amazingly condensed into 25 minutes. To be fair, he previously gave an *entire history* of Superman in under an hour, so this tracks! It was very well done. Trust me, the Professor could have spent another 25 minutes or more focusing just on the handful of origins from 2001 to 2011, alone. I don’t think he mentioned “Man and Superman” from 2019, which was a great retelling of the origin (if not in any continuity?).

    All of this to say, “Thank you!” once again, and money will be left in the tip jar on Friday.

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