Season 2 Episode 14 – Worlds War Bizarre or Okay, I Know This Sounds Crazy

The BAM Crew (Bethany, Alison, and Michael) are back to talk about the latest episode of the CW series Superman and Lois. Episode 14 was titled Worlds War Bizarre and The Crew discusses the big events of the episode including Clark dealing with the loss of his powers, Lana’s telling the citizens of Smallville about the Inverse Earth, the citizens of Smallville thinking she’s out of her mind, Ex-Mayor Dean acting like a jerk, and Superman coming in to back up his friends. They also talk about the big fight at the end and Alison really wants to know how Jon-El escaped from DOD custody.

Also, Bethany reveals who had The Most Punchable Face and Alison lets everyone know who was The Most Aestheticaly Pleasing people in the episode. Finally, The Crew addresses all of your feedback!

The Bam Crew recently guested on The Superhero Show Show. As of this posting the episode is not up, BUT the link to the Apple Podcasts page can be found by cliking here. Ryan and Katelynn were so much fun to talk to and they were very gracious in having the Crew on to talk their podcasting history and, of course, Superman and Lois.

Michael is writing the reviews for Superman and Lois over on The Superman Homepage.  Check out his review for Worlds War Bizarre by clicking here.

Michael also has an essay in the recently released Oooff! Boff! Splatt! The Subterranean Blue Grotto Essays on Batman ’66 – Season 3 and you can order a physical copy of the book by clicking here and get the Kindle copy by clicking here!

Finally, go and check out Alison’s podcasting efforts over on The GeekCast Radio Network!  She co-hosted So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye series and you can find the first epiosde of that by clicking here.

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Next Time: The Crew discusses the next episode of Superman and Lois titled Waiting For Superman!


  1. Hello BAM crew!! I just wanted to say that I look forward to your show after every episode of S&L!! I can’t wIt for the finale this evening. Hopefully it will exceed all of our expectations! I have a theory or two of what could happen on the show tonight:

    1: Whatever method they use to get Clark his powers back, (sun dip, fortress shenanigans, or something to do with Tal-Ro/Eradicator) I truly hope Jonathan is involved. This could be the moment his powers finally activate so he doesn’t sit on the sidelines like he did for most of the football season.

    2: Apparently Sam will give an explanation where S&L stands in the Arrowverse. If it comes out that it takes place on a different Earth, it would be amazing if, like the end of last season, a mysterious ship lands near the Kent farm with a young girl inside. That girl would of course be Kara Zoe-El. Or her ship could be in the void between worlds, where her ship has been in stasis for the last 40 years.

    3: The return of evil Superman from John Henry’s world. This evil Superman could have been changed by his contact with the bleed and become more of an energy being that finds his way to the S&L Earth. Here he finds that he can “ possess“ Technology and bend it to his will. We would then have most of the ingredients for The Reign of the Supermen. Let’s not forget that John’s AI was acting strange before the worlds started to merge. (This happened when John found out about Nat’s suit.)

    Again I appreciate all the hard work you all put in after every episode. I can’t wait until the next April Fools Day when the show becomes Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman Tapes and we get a breakdown of that pilot!!


    Jeff Spruiell

  2. Hello again!!

    I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say about the finale! In a word it was amazing! None of my theory’s came true (yet) and now we have the answers about where S&L fits in the Arrowverse. I can’t wait to see where season three takes us.

    Side note, when Superman “punched” the two Earth’s apart I said to myself “I guess Superman saved the day by killing everyone on both Earth’s and sending them all to the afterlife.” Then we get a shot of Earth with what looks like a Haylo above it! Haha!

    Will Tal try to win the heart of Lana or her bizarro self, Anal? (Insert my 13 year old selfs laugh here)

    And lastly “Miracle Monday!!!” WOW


    Jeff Spruiell

  3. Greetings to the Kryptonian SALTy BAM Crew: Alli-Sun, Bet-Ahn-Ee, and Mike-El.

    This was quite a penultimate episode. Again, I’m not sure how they are going to wrap up everything in the finale (but I will soon), but you are right that this show has been able to pack a lot in 42 minutes. Such as all of the great little touches in this episode: Lana making the “cranky face” in her kitchen in the morning, Jon-El taking a huff of “G-K Huffin’ Stuff” (since his powers were all depleted), Jordan shaking his head when Lana walked in on him and Sarah in the school hallway, and Sophie smiling in the backseat thinking that her parents are getting back together (or that her dad was taking her home and not dropping her off at Juvie).

    (Hmm, that paragraph almost sounded like a CW synopsis for this episode…)

    Obviously Bizarro Lana broke Jon-El out of the DOD to even the odds against Jordan, Steel and Nat. But yes, it did come out of nowhere, but Jon-El’s arrival was a great surprise.

    When former Mayor Dean snidely commented that Lana was “planning on flying in and saving the day”, I really expected Bizarro Lana to show up just then. I hope Dean runs into his Bizarro self (“Fluffy Dean”?) and finds out his doppelganger had a better life.

    Now I imagine every Tyler Hoechlin Superman speech to somehow include the line: “And yes, I did date a mermaid in college…”

    It must have been weird for Jordan to be beating up a double of his girlfriend’s mom (who won’t let him see his girlfriend).

    And yeah, that moment with Clark falling on the steps hit hard for me as well, for much the same reasons Uncle Michael mentioned. I was 11 when my dad lost his ability to walk, and 15 when he died from his brain tumor. My sister and I had to do a lot of growing up during those times, and afterward.

    Will be watching the finale with my mom and sister tonight. I look forward to hearing your take on it, and I’m sure I’ll have a lot of random thoughts about it too.

  4. This was a jam-packed episode the series,with so many things going on, and your coverage was excellent. Thanks, as always.
    I thought that when Superman was talking to Holo-Lara about his power loss, she seemed to be about to suggest a possible remedy that might not work or might be dangerous, but the show switched scenes just before she explained what it was. I imagine it was something along the lines of: Get Clark into the thinner upper atmosphere where he can absorb more solar energy faster, but I could certainly be wrong about that. I often am, when I try to predict things on this show.
    By the way, Michael, Ace the Bat-Hound doesn’t wear a mask “to protect his loved ones”. In his first appearance (Batman #92, cover-dated June, 1955, even before I was born, Batman and Robin had rescued a dog from a stream, and, in an effort to find his owner, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson were photgraphed with the dog for a newspaper article. Later, when Ace chases after the Batmobile as they are leaving, they decide to take him along, putting a mask on the dog to hide his very distinctive facial marking that is seen in the newspaper photo. At this point, I’d hardly call Batman and Robin his “loved ones”. They put the mask on him to protect their identities.
    So many questions to be resolved from this episode, and I’m assuming that most, but not all, will be resolved in the finale, which I can hardly wait for. Fortunately, I just returned from a TV- less vacation, so I can watch the finale today, and listen to your coverage soon after.

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