Season 2, Episode 4 – The Inverse Method or Everybody Makes Bad Decisions

The BAM Crew (Bethany, Alison, and Michael) are back to talk about the latest episode of the second season of Superman and Lois!  That episode was titled The Inverse Method and featured so many characters making or dealing with so many bad decisions. Topics of conversation include the depiction of drug use in the various super-hero shows, how Mayor Dean shouldn’t mess with Sarah, how Ally is such a great villain, how cults get to people, what’s up with Bizarro’s pendant, how Michael is crappy with J names for some unknown reason and so much more!

After that The Crew presents the usuals features.  Bethany picks out who had The Most Punchable Face.  Alison reveals who was The Most Aesthtically Pleasing.  Michael goes over the comic book origins of Lucy Lane in Professor Bailey’s Superman 101 segment.  After all of that, Bethany, Alison, and Michael go over Listener Feedback!

Michael is writing the reviews for Superman and Lois over on The Superman Homepage.  Check out his review for The Inverse Method by clicking here.

Finally, go and check out Alison’s podcasting efforts over on The GeekCast Radio Network!  She co-hosted So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye series and you can find the first epiosde of that by clicking here.

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The main theme for the show is “Heroes” by the awesome Mike Schmidt.  You can find his work over at Speed Force Music.

Next Time: The Crew takes a break for two weeks because Superman and Lois is taking a break, but there might be a special episode during that time.  The Crew will definitely be back for the next episode, which is titled Girl…You’ll Be A Woman Soon.


  1. A most excellent episode, BAM crew! Soo many bad decisions by pretty much everyone on the TV show (NOT your podcast) this week, but it’s a sign of how well-written and well-acted this show is, that we, as an audience, are so invested in these characters, their decisions, and the ramifications of those decisions.

    I, myself, am profoundly disappointed in Jonathan for taking the xk-crystal drug (What would Pa Kent have said?), and very concerned about his girlfriend, Candice, who seems pretty cavalier about selling drugs to her boyfriend. At least they have a bit of an excuse because they’re teenagers, and almost no one escapes their teenage years without doing something massively foolish, even when they “should know better”. The adults here, though, have less of an excuse, especially Kyle. Yes, everyone, even adults, will stumble from time to time, but this is a pretty darn big stumble, and I hope he doesn’t do anything to make it worse.

    Still, though, as I’ve said, I’m trusting the writers to know what they’re doing, and to do it pretty well, as they certainly have so far, so I’ll definitely be eagerly anticipating each new episode.

    On the “Most Punchable Face” front, I’m leaning toward Candice, despite that being a pretty unchivalrous point of view, just because she seems so unconcerned about selling drugs her classmates. To me, that’s pretty low.

    On Professor Bailey’s Superman 101 lesson on Lucy Lane, I have to confess, as a Silver Age guy, I used to say that, if I ever had a dog, it would have to be a female, and I’d name her Lucy Lane, because Lucy Lane is a b**ch (at least in Superman’s Girlfriend, Jimmy Olsen comics.

    If you put out an episode during the show’s hiatus, I will certainly listen to it, but I hope you’ll consider taking a bit of a hiatus, yourselves. You certainly deserve a bit of a break.

    Finally, if I think of anything else, I will add a separate comment later, just to increase your comment count.

  2. Gotta say this episode was just deeply shock and was eagerly from Jonathan taking x-kryptonite as drugs to Kyle cheated on his wife but episode does sure teaching me something about drugs just don’t take any drugs especially with kryptonite.

    Great episode can wait for next weekend episode premiere.

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