Season 2 Episode 9 – 30 Days and 30 Nights or The Writers Chose Violence

After another unitended hiatus The BAM Crew (Bethany, Alison, and Michael) is back to discuss another episode from Season 2 of Superman and Lois30 Days and 30 Nights was an emotional episode where a lot of the sub-plots came to a boil. The Crew talks about Lana’s election night behavior, Jordan’s up and down day, Lois’ cutting gaze, what should happen to Lucy, General Lane’s reaction to his daughter’s knowledge of knots, and so much more.

Also, Bethany reveals who had The Most Punchable Face and Alison lets everyone know who was The Most Aestheticaly Pleasing. Finally, The Crew addresses all of your feedback!

Here are the pictures that Bethany sent Mike from the recent Bahamas trip.

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Next Time: The Crew discusses the next episode of Superman and Lois titled Bizarros in a Bizarro World


  1. It was good to have you all back in my earbuds again. Thank you. I must tell you that I truly laughed out loud at Michael’s reference to “the rhondor with two backs”. Anyone who can make an offhand remark fusing Silver Age Kryptonian history with a Shakespearean reference has my undying respect. I should note that I was listening while out walking, and my spontaneous loud laugh at this remark earned me head turns and quizzical looks from the group of middle school kids I was passing at the time.

    The writers and cast of the show continue to impress. As you noted, in a Superman show with relatively little of Superman in this episode, it still kept us interested in the other characters and their activities, because the writers have made them important in their own rights, and the actors portray them as real, rounded people.

    I was really happy to see Sarah trying to help her dad, and for that reason, she maintains her position as “Most Aesthetically Pleasing” on my scorecard. For “Most Punchable Face”, I lean toward the woman who blamed Jonathan for getting the football season cancelled. Lady, don’t punch down! He’s a kid, and he’s not even the only kid to blame on the team!

    It was good to see John Henry, Jordan, Lois, and Sam Lane stepping up in Superman’s absence to fight the good fight. It was hard to see Jordan struggle with keeping his secret versus being honest with Sarah. That’s a big deal for anyone, but especially for a teenager, and, at that age, the consequences either way feel both extremely personal and very, very large at the same time. Again, these feel like real teenagers, not “TV teens”.

    I’m really looking forward to your next episode, to hear your reactions to the Bizarro World, another really good episode, I think.

  2. Fun discussion, SALTy BAM crew.

    Nobody does talk about Timmy’s part in the XK football scandal, do they? Maybe Timmy is “getting the business” from football moms off screen wherever he is at. Or maybe Timmy’s parents managed to keep his use of the “huffin stuff” a secret from the other parents in Smallville. We only found out that “Timmy’s mom caught him huffing some weeeeeeird drug from the mines” from Denise talking to Sara and Jordan at the game in “Tried and True”. She also said that “apparently all the kids in school are doing that,” and Clark said in “Into Oblivion” that no one on the team is talking about who was using”, so the kids are probably keeping their knowledge of Timmy’s huffing to themselves. I know lots of things students do in high school that no parent ever finds out about — unless they are busted by the cops like Jonathan was.

    I suppose there was a “Bizarro error” in the last scene with Bizarro Jonathan. He starts to talk backwards, catches himself, and then says correctly, “He was too late.” Using Audacity to reverse the audio, I found out Jordan’s cut-off backwards talk was: “saw eh”, though given the full sentence, shouldn’t it have been, “etal oot”?

    I really cannot wait to hear your takes about the next episode. It answered a lot of questions I brought up before.

    And Mr. Bailey, my condolences for the loss of your father-in-law.

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