Episode 5 – All Hail The Cush!

The Crew is back with another exciting episode where Bethany, Benji, and Michael break down another episode of Superman and Lois! This time they are discussing the fifth episode from Season 3, which was titled Head On. Lois is getting chemo, but that’s not going to stop her from snooping around. Also, Sarah helps out an old friend and we find out the awesome nickname that Kyle has for himself as he helps to chaperone the school dance! Plus, while there is no Professor Bailey’s Superman 101 for this episode, the Crew still goes through who has the Most Punchable Face and Who is the Most Aesthectically Pleasing!

Michael is writing the reviews for Superman and Lois over on The Superman Homepage.  Check out his review for Head On by clicking here.

Finally, go and check out Benji’s podcasting efforts over on The GeekCast Radio Network!  They co-hosted So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye series and you can find the first epiosde of that by clicking here.

The Superman and Lois Tapes can be found on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The show can be reached by email at  You can also leave comments here or over at the Facebook page for the show, which you can get to by clicking this link.

The main theme for the show is “Heroes” by the awesome Mike Schmidt.  You can find his work over at Speed Force Music.

Next Time: The Crew will be back to talk about the sixth, seventh, and eighth episodes of Superman and Lois Season Three!

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