My podcasting partner in crime, Scott Gardner, has had to take a brief hiatus from the shows he hosts alone, with me and with Chris Honeywell.  I’m kind of bummed but I completely understand real life having to come first.  I’ve been in that position myself.  I didn’t really have time to put together a proper entry for today but I wanted to post a thing or two for Scott.  He’ll understand why.

At least I hope he will.

That’s it for now.  As usual…

More to follow…

8 thoughts on “THIS ONE IS FOR SCOTT”

  1. Thanks Mike you made my day! Scott, I hope you’re enjoying some vintage Byrne.

  2. the only way this could be improved would be if it involved someone getting thrown into the sun!

  3. I love that amazing heroes cover. Byrne really had a knack for capturing the Chris Reeve grin without being “creepy

  4. Mike, do you have the Time Magazine Superman 50th birthday issue with the Byrne/ Ordway shirt rip cover?

  5. I remeber getting that and thinking, its a comic on time magazine, that’s just awesome! Of course now we know Time Warner ownes Superman, but that was just a nice piece of art.

  6. Mike, these were great, some I haven’t seen in a while. This is my first time messaging, but I have been a listener of your shows(and Scott’s)for a while. I work on my own, and this allows me to listen to podcasts all day. Your podcast are by far some of the most enjoyable on the playlist every week. I hope that everything goes well for Scott, and wish him the best.

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