And I really didn’t want to postpone it either, but that’s how it worked out.

I had a plan.  I really did.  I was going to spend the end of July writing all of the posts ahead of time so I could just crank them out daily.  I forgot one simple thing, though.

Back to school.

My day job is that of a department manager at a big box office supply store.  We take care of business as opposed to simply saying that that was easy.  This time of year is busy for us because the area schools are getting ready to start up again.  Add to that Georgia’s Tax Free Holiday and I am one tired human being.

So if you were looking forward to the Reign of the Supermen stuff I am sorry.  It’s coming, just not in the next week or so.  I really want to have everything done before I transform and roll out.

Sorry.  My bad.

Oh!  Thanks to the people who have been leaving comments.  I really appreciate it.  James is one of my buddies from the Superman Homepage who writes bang up reviews of the old Superman radio series and some kick ass retro reviews as well.  BrianR is someone I don’t think I have spoken to online but seems like a good egg and has a neat blog called Comics In Crisis, which I greatly enjoyed and need to add to my blog roll.  And my boy Fiduch is a Live Journal friend, so seeing him comment was neat too.

Oh yeah.  Some guy named Shag keeps commenting too.

Just kidding.  Shag’s a very good friend of mine.

So there you have it.  Stuff is coming.  It’s just delayed.  I feel bad but unfortunately this blog is something that sometimes has to be put off when time is tight.

More to follow…


  1. hey… Hey… HEY!!!! Who you calling a “very good fiend”?!?!? How dare you! Why I oughta … oh wait a minute…

    That was “friend” not “fiend”. Whoops. My bad.

    You’re off the hook for now… comic boy.

    The Irredeemable Shag (a.k.a. Lex Luthor to Bailey’s Superman)

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