Episode 276 – Are Comics Dying? (No)

Welcome back to Views From The Longbox! This time out I welcome back my good friend (best mate, one might say) Andrew Leyland to talk comics.

Which comics?

Well, we don’t focus on one particular comic or storyline. It’s more of a State of the Union type conversation where Andy and I talk about where we are as comic book fans at the moment. It’s a pulse check of a sorts and we dig into a number of subjects and answer the hard questions. Are comics dying? (No, they aren’t.) Are comic book films and television series dying? (No, but they aren’t as good as they used to be.) What are we reading right now? (Comics we like.)

Okay, it seems like I answered those questions, but listen to the episode anyway, because the answers are more nuanced than what I wrote above. Andy and I also go on some tangents, mostly about Superman and Lois, but we try to talk about where we are as comic book fans and readers without sounding like old men yelling at clouds and I think we were 96% successful on that.

Andy hosts or co-hosts a few shows that you should be listening to. Hey, Kids Comics, 2 is out there, which Andy co-hosts with his son Micheal. Then there’s The Palace of Glittering Delights, which is his “whatever Andy feels like talking about” show that is just a joy to listen to.

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Next time: Shag stops by to talk about DC’s Cosmic Teams trading cards!

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